Month: April 2014

27 Apr 2014

Should You Move to SF?

move to sf

This is a question that is constantly being debated among my co-workers every time someone’s lease is up. I actually found myself answering this question for a friend in Seattle who was considering the move. It’s not an easy decision. It is one that I have also had to make myself, but back then, I didn’t have this handy dandy flowchart by The Bold Italic. Think you have what it takes? Put yourself through the flow of flows.

27 Apr 2014

The Weekend: 5 Things

Anyone that knows me knows that I rarely do anything on a week night. I was somehow convinced this past Thursday to see The Grand Budapest Hotel at Kabuki in Japantown for a 9:55 PM showtime and I didn’t hate it.  Since  I loved Moonrise Kingdom so much, I was pretty sure that I was going to enjoy this Wes Anderson film as well. I did, however, fall asleep for maybe 10 minutes, but other than that the move was great!

photo (4)

During brunch, you’ll almost always see me ordering an omelette or a scramble. Yesterday, I had a huge craving for something sweet at brunch at Country Way in Fremont and couldn’t say no to the Strawberry French Toast. How do people eat this much food?!

emma roberts

After much deliberation, I finally caved and decided to chop off all of my hair using Emma Roberts’ latest style as my inspiration.

Our Henry turned 23 yesterday at the Sundog Balloon!

Twice in one weekend.

26 Apr 2014

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Emma Roberts and James Franco

Wearing: (her) in Balenciaga (him) in Gucci

Where: Premiere of Palo Alto


26 Apr 2014

Suspended Floral Installations

There are some who could care less about flowers and the way they are arranged. I am not one of those people. A flower garden is a dream to me and I don’t think I could ever get tired of them. If I could have them at my desk and in my home constantly, I would. Right now, it’s too difficult to take care of anything other than myself though so that’s not really an option. After seeing these floral installations by Rebecca Louise Law, I have become obsessed. Can I just…purchase one of these for my home?

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26 Apr 2014

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

When I was in college, it wasn’t unusual for me to get only 5 hours of sleep a night. Yes, that number seems very low and maybe to some – a little dangerous, but believe it or not – 5 hours was all I needed to feel like I could properly function. I had my Starbucks. I was busy running off to things, and every part of my day was pretty much planned until the evenings. It was enough for me back then. These days, five hours a sleep isn’t an option. If there is someone or something getting in the way of that, you can expect me to get a little bit cranky. This week was more than a little hectic and I found myself falling asleep at 9:45 PM last night. It was Friday! I think as a college kid, I always vowed to never be that kind of adult.

Right before falling asleep on my couch, I watched this video below to determine if I was getting enough sleep or not. After seeing my results, I think I realized it was time to pass out right then and there.


25 Apr 2014

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Lily Aldridge

Wearing: Chanel

Where: Chanel party @ Tribeca Film Festival

Who: Julia Restoin Roitfeld

Wearing: Chanel

Where: Chanel party @ Tribeca Film Festival



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