Month: May 2014

31 May 2014

What If…

Daniel Radcliffe gives romantic comedies a try! I don’t know how I feel about the plot actually, but I’m a fan of Zoe Kazan and am interested to see her in it.

29 May 2014

Michelle Obama Interviews Richard Sherman

In a new video supporting her ‘Let’s Move!’ campaign, Michelle Obama interviews Richard Sherman who along with the Seattle Seahawks sous-chef cooks up an example of a healthy meal for children in school. The best part of this video? Richard Sherman responding to Michelle Obama spoofing his very controversial post-game rant from last season. How can we forget?

He is just the best.


29 May 2014

Madewell’s 2014 Fall Lookbook

I have a feeling that I have been cursed with a seasonal boredom disorder. I act like I am very excited for the upcoming season – in this case summer – but the second I see any sign of fall ie. fall lookbooks, I’m ready to move on. Summer isn’t even here yet! Let’s be real though it’s summer every day here in California. However, I am already longing for cozy sweaters, flannels, and fall skirts. Madewell’s 2014 Fall Lookbook has me very excited for snuggling up in my pieces and cleaning up my closet.

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29 May 2014

Blog Roundup

  • The Reading Rainbow Kickstarter raised $1.5 in less than 24 hours. [Source]
  • Snapchat’s CEO is nailin’ it. [Source]
  • Apple acquires Beats Electronics for $3 Billion. [Source]

  • 25 Things you didn’t know about Boy Meets World [Source]

  • This previous hotel lobby is now a gorgeous 2 Bedroom Loft in Seattle [Source]
28 May 2014

Kids Will Build Sushi

When I was a kid, I just played with Legos, Polly Pockets, Barbies, and was serious collecting Beanie Babies. There was little building in my childhood, but who knows – kids can grow up to be anything these days even sushi chefs! How adorable is this wooden sushi set?! The set was designed by Japanese design firm Plapax and contains 45 wooden pieces. So how much does this cost exactly? Only 7,400 yen. Worth it.



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