28 Jul 2014

Five Favorite Pins: Beautiful Backdrops


I’m currently working on planning a stellar end-of-summer party for my company so naturally my first source of inspiration was to go straight to Pinterest. Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good photo booth. When I was organizing events back in Seattle, I was a huge fan of the minimalistic photo booth that allowed people to just download their photos digitally. Props weren’t absolutely necessary. Pulling back a curtain was so old school. Plus, I was a huge fan of a great backdrop. As I search for the perfect photo booth for this event, I’ve come across several backdrops that I’ve just saved to my Pinterest boards that I can’t help, but look at again once more and wish I could recreate myself! If only I had all of the time in the world to DIY…


Florals never go out of style. This backdrop is perfect for any garden party!


When it came down to making a backdrop for my own going away party last year, I knew that this would be the easiest, but even I couldn’t get it right! The ombre was a little off and the length of the chains were all over the place, but it was a pretty simple task and if I could attempt it – anyone can.

[Green Wedding Shoes]

For the pro, a succulent backdrop.

[The Glitter Guide]

I love this for the color, the shape, and the simplicity.


I’ve heard that these pinwheels are pretty simple to make and with them against the garlands, they make for a very pretty backdrop! My friend Toby helped me create similar pinwheels last year for my party for a table runner instead of a backdrop, but the most wonderful thing about them is that you can do pretty much anything with them!


  1. I just bought myself a succulent today 😀 . I only plan on putting it in a simple pot. Now, I consider myself a DIYer, (and I love a challenge!) but I couldn’t imagine taking on that succulent backdrop! if you look close it looks like they mounted it in sections, which still looks like quite the task! very interesting. thanks for sharing 🙂

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