30 Oct 2014

10 Hours of walking in NYC as a woman

I am completely behind on everything that has been on the internet this week and I finally had the chance to watch the video that went viral. I’m sure by now most of you have seen it, but if you haven’t – please take the time. Take the time to see what it’s like to be a woman walking in a city by herself minding her own business and take a second to understand how one little catcall can instantly make a woman feel uncomfortable. The actress in this video was silent the entire time during her 10 hours of walking around New York City and in those 10 hours she was – to put it simply – harrassed.

My office is in the heart of Silicon Valley and is on a very nice street with lots of shops and restaurants and plenty of people. I took a walk just the other day to CVS only to have a man walk beside me and say “nice boots.” I couldn’t help, but wonder on my walk what would compel a man to say that to me. It’s not like I walk around San Francisco and tell other guys that I like their shirt or talk at them incessently until they respond to me. It’s crazy to think that that is normal to men and it’s not okay.

I think the hardest part about watching this video was seeing the men that would trail alongside her for minutes as she walked on her own. It is scary to be followed and I hope that everyone can see this video and the next time they see this happening to another woman to step in and call someone out.

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