Month: November 2014

30 Nov 2014

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Fact: If you google “MSG Crackers” this will come up. Growing up, I didn’t know that this stuff was littered with MSG and now I’m not surprised, I was hooked on this stuff and could’ve eaten half the bag if my parents didn’t set parameters for me every day. Truth – I was only allowed to eat 1-2 a day because they were so addictive. I actually haven’t had these in a really long time, but recently my friends and I became fascinated when we learned that a ramen place we ate at had a small container of MSG that you could add to your broth. That seemed crazy to us. Then I remembered that MSG addiction is real and it totally happened to me with these crack crackers!

30 Nov 2014

Black Friday Shopping Woes

Apparently, when it comes to jewelry I’m still a complete n00b. I stopped into Madewell this past Black Friday and when I spotted these rings on sale for just $10, I knew they were a steal. After putting that bottom one on (it’s a size 5 and I’m a size 4) I found myself completely stuck with my finger starting to turn white. My skin looked completely squeezed from the ring and I was panicking. I didn’t think that would happen since it was one size larger, but I later found out from my cousin that thicker rings size differently?

So I ask the salesperson for help on getting the ring off and she says, “No, I don’t want to hurt you.”

Okay, but like what are we going to do about this ring?

She suggests that the front has lotion, but they really only have Purell. That may work. When she sees that I’m trying to be careful with the Purell, she goes “I don’t care how much you get on the ring.” She probably just wanted it off or maybe she just hated me. If you think about it, I’m kind of like this bratty kid that had to try on everything at home and she was the babysitter that wanted me to not touch anything. And honestly, I didn’t think it was going to come off! Until it did, and I was so mortified about the situation that at that point I couldn’t even buy it.

Thank god for Cyber Monday, right?

30 Nov 2014

Hipster Business Name

There are so many of these in San Francisco, it’s insane. Click here to find your own. Might also work for blogs as well.

30 Nov 2014

When I’m At Nordstrom, I’m Home

You can take the girl out of Seattle, but you can’t take the Seattle out of the girl. How long have you all been waiting for me to finally say that? I may be living in a new city now, but there are a few things that I can’t quite shake – my Starbucks, my Seahawks, and my Nordstrom. I’m a loyal woman. I generally save Sunday’s for my comfort foods so when I eat out, I’ll go to my favorite Asian restaurants or anything with seafood (though it doesn’t really compare to Seattle, let’s be real.) Today, however, I ventured into a place that I only usually go to in Seattle – the Nordstrom cafe.

As a kid, if I were shopping with my mom, I would always beg her to take me to the Nordstrom cafe. I’d get my usual bowl of tomato soup or clam chowder and a cheese pizza from the kids menu. As I got older, I moved onto the Asian Chicken Salad or one of the pastas and the bistro club. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with most things on the menu. Back in the day, Nordstrom only had one cafe, but now most stores have two restaurants within the retailer.

I know it sounds weird to have such an attachment to a retailer, but the company is doing everything right so at the end of the day how can you not?

  • It started when I was a toddler. Santa photos were never taken anywhere else except Nordstrom.
  • Meal times with my mother were always at the cafe
  • Every employee I’ve ever come across there has been outstanding. When I need something, I let someone know what I’m exactly looking for (either by brand or describing the style) and almost always, they never fail.
  • Convenience. Not able to find something in the store? Pay for it there and they’ll ship it to you or locate it at another store location.
  • 3 words. Nordstrom Wedding Suite.
  • They never not respond to my tweets to them and I love it!

Vince Camuto

Plus they helped me find this pair of Vince Camuto’s today!

29 Nov 2014

An LA Thanksgiving

Santa Monica

For the first time ever, I abandoned Seattle for Thanksgiving! Instead, I ventured just a little bit further south for warmer weather and my relatives. It’s a little bit strange to be celebrating a fall/winter holiday in 80 degree weather, but I am not complaining. It was definitely a nice change from the chilly temperatures in the Bay and the first snowfall in Seattle this past weekend. With a year of being a California resident under my belt, I have so much to be thankful for:

  • A supportive family
  • Really great friends
  • A job that I enjoy coming to every single day
  • A home that provides me with a creative space and so much comfort
  • And lastly, a neverending urge to continue exploring this new area

One year late, I’m still loving this city and having the most fun I’ve ever had.

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29 Nov 2014

Kendall’s Burn Book

Kendall really is on her way to becoming one of my favorite up-and-coming models and I’m not the only one that thinks so either. She’s nabbing covers left and right and while some may seem to think that the Kardashian connection is hurting her, I think it’s doing the opposite. Since Keeping Up With The Kardashians started, we’ve been able to see Kendall grow up right before our eyes. She’s funny. She has a personality. And she’s human especially when we caught her in that episode where she felt completely left out on her family trip. Oh Kendall, yes, we’ve been there and we totally understand those feels! I kind of like this cheeky play on the Burn Book from Mean Girls.

29 Nov 2014

Song of the Day

Lana Del Rey – West Coast (The GRADES Icon Mix)

My youngest cousin always introduces me to new hits.


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