Month: November 2014

22 Nov 2014

Music Video of the Day

So I’m probably the last person to watch this music video and before the other day, I didn’t really have any interest in it because while I love Sia – Chandelier just isn’t my favorite song. It was brought to my attention the other day though because I learned that Maddie Ziegler is the star of the entire thing and she was my favorite child on that horrible show “Dance Moms.” Yes, it’s horrible and I’ve watched countless seasons, but these kids are too precious. I’m mostly watching for them and not the moms. Maddie is incredibly talented. It’s kind of amazing that she landed a gig that was so mainstream and is probably going to launch her career further. I’m sure there was totally a plot/story line about this on the show where the moms were all jeal. That seems to always happen.

22 Nov 2014

The Flavr Blue in the Bay

It just so happened that my day off landed on the day of The Flavr Blue concert in San Francisco. I’ve missed countless shows from not being in Seattle for the last year and every time I did come back to Seattle, I would always miss their shows by a couple of days. It was the worst luck. I’m so glad I got to see them this week because they are even more wonderful than before and it’s nice to have a slice of home in your new home.


Hollis and I also finally got the chance to meet each other for the first time! “Of course I know who you are, you’re Katie Yow Yow!”

We’ve always liked working with her and can’t wait to see what amazing things she’s going to do next with The Flavr Blue and on her own.

21 Nov 2014

Song of the Day

Daniela Andrade – Crave You (Flight Facilities cover)

Crave You is actually one of my all-time favorite songs. I heard Daniela’s cover of “Latch” the other day and after that just had to look into more of her music. So far, I’ve listened to several of her covers that she’s done really well on, and eventually when I stop having these on repeat, I’ll move into some of her original music.

20 Nov 2014

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Trailer

Only a day after we revealed the poster for Pitch Perfect 2, they released the trailer. And now we’re just pretty excited for 2015 to come.

20 Nov 2014

Bay Area Eats:

I was lucky enough to have a random Wednesday day-off yesterday and was ready to take full advantage of it. For quite some time I’ve been craving Hawaiian food especially because when I was living in Seattle, I could always count on Kevin to go to Kona Kitchen with me. I decided to Quora question where I could find the best Hawaiian food in the Bay Area and my coworker suggested I try Takahashi Market in San Mateo. It’s not exactly right in my backyard, but I made the drive anyways because I could really go for a warm meal of Loco Moco on a cold and rainy day. I hadn’t been to this place before so I didn’t know what to expect. It really is just a market place and I think most people just order take out, however, there are few tables outside that you can sit and eat at. I considered just taking out and driving all the way back home, but no one really wants cold loco moco! So I bundled up and hunkered down and ate my meal. It was worth it. Believe it or not, this was my first time actually order loco moco despite having plenty of Hawaiian meals in the past. I loved the beef patty, the rice smothered in gravy and of course the sunny side up egg. It’s the perfect brunch meal and I can’t wait until the next time I come back so I can order their unagi and ahi poke!

19 Nov 2014

Cinderella (2015)

Since the trailer for Disney’s newest version of Cinderella was just released today, there was no way we weren’t going to post it to Yow Yow! It’s definitely not anything like what I watched as a kid. I know the quality of that was pretty bad and it was completely old school, but I’ll always hold that version near and dear to my heart. I will most likely still end up watching this one in theaters though as I know a lot of my friends will be too.

19 Nov 2014

Holiday Season Thanks

My coworkers on my team and I never miss an opportunity to show each other our appreciation. They come in the form of cards, mini champagne bottles, and quite often flowers. When I was younger in high school and college, flowers weren’t always such a thing, but adulthood – yes. A bouquet of flowers is enough to brighten up my day and it makes my desk look so much better. For my work anniversary this year, Nadia had Farmgirl Flowers deliver a bouquet to me (all the way from San Francisco) wrapped in their signature burlap. It was so hipster, I knew it really couldn’t be for anyone else, but me!

It’s not too late to give thanks (as Thanksgiving is just next week) and you can still show someone how much you care all through the holiday season. But let’s be honest, flowers are a nice gesture any time of the year. These flowers really are just the prettiest!


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