How We Holiday Party 2014

Holiday party season is upon us and we’d be doing a disservice if we didn’t include a guide like we always do! I’ve only attended one work-related holiday party in my time so I don’t have too much experience. All I know is that last year, I wore a black dress with cut-outs and sheer fabric over the cut-outs. There were at least two other women at the party that wore sheer fabric so I felt like I had done right by being in the correct wheelhouse and theme. Having already purchased my holiday party dress for this year back in June and realizing that it is black, leather, and with a cut-out again, I’m noticing that maybe I’m just too much into a comfort zone. A holiday party is the one time out of the year where you get to try something different and even though I have my dress, I am still considering straying away from that. Here are some of my favorite picks for this year so far! Also, we’re doing this post a little bit earlier than last year so that you still have time to snag some dresses if you’d like!

Free People Black Dove Dress – $250

ERIN Erin Fetherston Isabelle Romanian Gown – $350

Free People Liquid Shine Mini Dress – $98

Tobi Alyssa Dress – $66

Lucca Couture Foil Strapless Dress – $89

Cooperative Lace Mock-Neck Twofer Dress – $69

Anthropologie Cerulean Velvet Dress – $298

Forever21 Velveteen Burnout Bow Dress – $29.80

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One thought on “How We Holiday Party 2014

  1. Sally M says:

    All of these are way too short for my work. not helpful

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