01 Dec 2014

Wedding Mondays

Good morning everyone! There’s nothing like a holiday weekend with family to rejuvenate you and spring you back into a Monday. As tiring as traveling can be (okay, I was on an hour long flight,) I’m feeling more refreshed than ever and ready to end this year on a high note. We’re back on our Wedding Mondays routine and it feels pretty good.

This morning I’m sharing with you all a dream of a wedding video! While I’ve never even been to New York, I’m so envious of all the rooftop weddings that get to take place there. There is nothing more chic than exchanging nuptials at the top of a building as the sun is going down.

Love the look for the bride and her bridemaids. The bride – Imogen – is wearing a gown by Johanna Johnson – one of my favorites!

The intro song to the wedding video is one that I hear often and whenever I do hear it, the wedding video instantly gets featured. The ways to my heart…


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