Month: December 2014

28 Dec 2014

Blog Roundup

There’s always a few good reads at the end of the year. Here are some that caught my eye this week, but also a couple that I read almost a month ago that I haven’t forgotten about and still wanted to share with you all:

28 Dec 2014

Bit Planner: In-Office LEGO Calendar

This looks like the type of thing that I would totally mess up on my own, but it is an interesting idea to keep schedules in synch. I would assume that this might work easier for a small office than a larger one.

27 Dec 2014


I don’t know why I’m completely enamored with this, but I am. Budsies is a company that transforms your kid’s drawing into a customized stuffed animal! We’re totally past the point of Christmas, but wouldn’t this have been a great gift? I was never a great artist growing up, but everyone I knew definitely had an imaginary friend and they always talked about them during show-and-tell. I like to think back then that if Budsies existed when I was a child that they just would’ve been “making lives” whatever that really means. Here are a few examples of some of their work and it’s pretty darling.

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26 Dec 2014

Currently Craving:

There are two things in Seattle that just can’t be rivaled in the Bay Area: our oysters and our sushi. Basically, Seattle is killin’ it when it comes to seafood. My days here in the Pacific Northwest are dwindling, but there’s no way that I’ll be okay leaving without having oysters here first. A couple of weeks ago, a new seafood bar opened up near me and while it was “okay” for the Bay Area, something about it just didn’t quite feel like home.

There are plenty of places to snag fresh oysters in Seattle, but my number one pick? Taylor Shellfish! They’ve got multiple locations, but I’ve frequented their Melrose Market and Queen Anne location the most. Locals – where do you go to? I’m pretty curious!

26 Dec 2014

Beauty for Breakfast Pt. 18

With regards to makeup and beauty products, I’ve always been a late bloomer. I still have no clue what I’m doing and if there’s an option to have a friend do my makeup or me doing it myself, I’ll always choose the friend. For years and years, I shyed away from lipgloss (too sticky) and lipstick (so not me) for vaseline. A little shine and a whole lot of moisturizing was all I needed. However, I decided recently that vaseline just wasn’t appropriate for going out. Instead of going from day-to-night, I was still day-to-day at a bar or at an event.

My friend Natalie suggested that I try Revlon’s Colorburst. I called this the gateway lipstick, but we’ll do another post on that later. From Revlon, I started becoming more open to the idea of trying lipstick. I did a consultation at Sephora to try on a bunch of different colors and felt like an imitation clown. Then I remembered I had received a sample size of Makeup Forever’s Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink and used it for work one day. It was natural enough to wear in the office, but still made a difference in my look and was obviously not vaseline. Since then, I haven’t gone anywhere without this lipstick. The color is long-lasting, moisturizing and glides on pretty evenly. I never considered Makeup Forever to be the brand that I would kickstart into first, but it has proven to be a very good choice for me.

[Makeup Forever]

26 Dec 2014

Song of the Day

The Weeknd – Earned It

Oh boy, I think every song off of the 50 Shades of Grey soundtrack is just going to be a bedroom banger. I mean, I suppose that’s the point, right?
Regardless, I love the Weeknd and I’m sure I’d love this song with or without it being tied to this film.

25 Dec 2014

Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2014

Knowing what I know about how this year has been going for Yow Yow! I was a little bit nervous as to which posts would reach the top. It’s been a slow year, but it hasn’t been all that quiet. We’ve had a lot of fun with the blog and we’re going to continue doing so in the next year as well!

With that, here are our top 10 posts from the year 2014:

  1. 18 Types of Asian Girls
  2. Yow Yow! Visits Molly Moon’s!
  3. 16 Reasons Why We Should Root for the Seahawks @ the Super Bowl 
  4. Our Beef With The Bachelor
  5. Coachella 2014 Street Style (sorry for the broken links!)
  6. The Way Way Back Home
  7. Ariana Grande’s Dance Moves (and broken YouTube link womp womp…)
  8. Troian Bellisario and Patrick J. Adams Are Engaged!
  9. Jamie Chung and Bryan Greenberg Are Engaged!
  10. C. Lowe By Scarlet & Gold
25 Dec 2014

Song of the Day

Taylor Swift – Style

I’ve been obsessed with this song since I heard Taylor perform it on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and since she’s not on Spotify, it was a little bit tricky to try and track down just the audio for this song. One simple Google search led me to this Vimeo page though and I haven’t left it since.

25 Dec 2014

Currently Craving:

photo cred | A Beautiful Mess

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I hope you all have a wonderful time with your families and friends. I know, I for one, am enjoying my time back in Seattle and I think it’s going to be hard to return back to the Bay after such a lengthy and relaxing vacation.

Today, I was denied from both Starbucks and my favorite Dick’s Drive In because of the “holiday hours,” and while I didn’t get to satisfy my cravings, it meant that these employees got to reap the benefits of being at home with their loved ones just like I had the opportunity to all week. It just means that my hankering for sweets is at an all time high though. We already dug into our container of peppermint bark, but I’ve been without caffeine all day, which is… concerning. It’s a little too late to be drinking caffeine now, but how good does this gingerbread hot chocolate pictured above look? AMAZING.



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