Year: 2015

31 Dec 2015

RIP Red Carpet Fashion Awards

I always hate it when I have to say goodbye to one of my favorite blogs. I’ve been reading Red Carpet Fashion Awards for years and never thought I’d have to actually part ways with them! Whenever I spotted a celebrity in an outfit that I had to know the designer, RCFA was the first source that I would head to. They were so on top of knowing which designers were which and who was wearing what – something that’s pretty important these days. Also, remember all of our “I Like Your Style…” posts? Those couldn’t have been written without Red Carpet Fashion Awards. For 8 years, Catherine has done an extraordinary job and for the most part she did it all on her own. We get it though, running a blog by yourself is no easy feat – so thank you Catherine for all of your hard work and dedication throughout this time. Best of luck on your future endeavors!

The blog will officially shut down on January 14, 2016.

30 Dec 2015

Looking Forward, 2016

It doesn’t need to be the start of a new year in order for us to make goals and resolutions for ourselves, but like every year, it just is what it is. For some reason, we are all very attached to that January 1st date and seeing how long we can stick out our resolutions for whether it’s one week, one month, or a few months. If we’re being honest here, I wrote my resolutions from last year and I couldn’t even remember them until I just went back and looked at what I wrote this past week. Some I nailed, others not so much! Let’s go back and recap on 2015 before we talk about next year’s resolutions for 2016 though.


  • Be more of an adult (with regards to finances) – I didn’t get that additional credit card that I was hoping for. Boy, did this year just fly by! I really wish I had made time for this though because it’s actually a very important thing to do and I kind of just blew it.
  • Make smart purchases – I not only purchased things that I frequently used more this year, but for gifts I asked for things that I knew I needed and would put more use towards like a laptop case, a carry-on luggage, etc.
  • Dress Better – Done and done!
  • Channel Taylor Swift – If I’m Taylor Swift then Mandi is my Karlie Kloss. Mandi has been my best gal pal throughout this entire year. Additionally, it’s been nice to reconnect with my other friends in the Bay Area on the occasion too as we’re all doing very different things and we’ve grown up a lot since college. I’m also enjoying it when my friends back home set me up with girlfriend dates in the city so that I can expand my #squad.
  • Wear High Heels – Also not an issue
  • Treat myself to a vacation – I still haven’t had that week long relaxing vacation to a place abroad that I’ve always dreamed about, but it’s not too late! That’s what 2016 might be for! I did, however, take a ton of trips this year to Portland, San Diego, Seattle x2, Monterey, LA, Houston/Austin, and Boston. It’s the most I’ve ever traveled within a year and I’m pretty content with that. 🙂
  • Stay active – Okay so this wasn’t consistent, BUT I DID do Soul Cycle for the first time this year. On top of that I climbed indoors on and off throughout 2015, but not as much as I should’ve.


  • Finish the things we start – My friends are always shocked when I tell them that I haven’t finished a book in years, but that’s because I always find myself getting completely distracted. I have 4 books at home that I started within the last year and I’m going to finish them by the end of 2016 – starting with the one I just received from Christmas – Modern Romance.
  • Have more of an adult apartment – I haven’t decided quite yet if I’m going to stay in my current place this year or not, but whatever the case, I want to design a home that I not only love to live in, but that others want to live in too. So even if it costs a little bit more to put some extra touches on it, we’ll go the extra mile. I was telling Mandi the other day that every guy I’ve ever dated has always had candles, but that I had never owned a candle in my life which lead me to start wondering if there was something wrong with me!
  • Get to 1,000 Instagram followers – Okay readers, this is something that y’all can actually help me out with since I already have 1,000+ subscribers to Yow Yow! I’ve really been enjoying using Instagram as a daily outlet when I can’t post to Yow Yow! every day and after spending the majority of the year trying to take better photos than I ever have before, this is something I’d like to achieve.
  • Go Abroad – I’m headed to Mexico this coming January, but I’d like to go further. I have serious FOMO when I hear about all of my friends going on their trips, but I realize that me wallowing about it isn’t going to get me there faster. I have a whole year to plan for something amazing now and I’m hoping that this is the year! We’ve been on such a great traveling streak these days anyways.
  • Do all the things you said you were gonna do – I was terrified about getting back into hip hop again this year and couldn’t even make it into the studio. I also didn’t attempt the aerial silks class that I’ve been wanting to try out. In 2016, we’re going to get these things done. Baby steps. And by bringing a friend of course.
  • Save Save Save – Because who couldn’t use a little bit more savings in their lives? When I was in high school, my friend Lexi was one of the best role models I had in my life. She’s one of the smartest girls I know – so bright, driven, and successful. I remember going over to her childhood home and asking her what that piece of paper was on the ceiling of her bedroom. She told me that it was check written for 10,000 and that she had it up there to remind herself every day of the goal that she was getting to. I witnessed her buy her own car and by her own house before any of my friends and it was no surprise.
  • Work Smarter – Burning out from work is not something anyone actually strives for, your eyes will certainly not thank you for staring at that computer constantly. It can be combated by going onto Felix Gray to find computer glasses, but you’ll still be burning out. I also don’t like being one of the last few people in my office working late sometimes because I worry that it gives the impression that I don’t know how to manage my time during the day. In 2016, we’re going to have a better work life balance… or rather a better a work / life / Yow Yow! balance!
30 Dec 2015

Currently Craving:

Today’s craving is a weird one! Since I’ve been sick (pretty much all of the holiday break!) I’ve been avoiding my daily caffeine and Starbucks entirely, which on the reg – is normally very hard for me to do. Today, I’m missing all three of my favorites and even moreso because the holidays are almost over and that means that these drinks will be leaving soon too! 🙁

30 Dec 2015

Song of the Day

J. Cole – No Role Modelz

This isn’t exactly new, but it’s what we woke up listening to this morning.

30 Dec 2015

My Favorite Posts of 2015

As we were writing our top posts of 2015 the other day, I realized that a lot of them hadn’t been written by me! They were, in fact, written by Mandi and she’s so deserving to have many of those posts receive that many views this year because she had worked hard on them. In addition to that, she was honest and vulnerable and I know through speaking with her she spent a lot of time putting her thoughts together and getting second opinions from Eric and I. After writing that post though I was a little embarrassed that my own writing hadn’t been the majority, but I realized that even though many of the posts didn’t receive as much viewership, they were still very enjoyable to write and I didn’t want them to go unnoticed. So here are our top 12 posts (one for almost every month!) and the reasons why they meant something to me.

almost superbowl

  • Super Bowl 49 – We’re Comin’ For You – Never have I ever written a post with so much emotion! I still remember this day like it was yesterday. That Packers game was nuts and I remember being heartbroken watching the majority of that game and wanting to throw in the towel and drive all the way home to South Bay before the game was even over! It’s not bandwagoning, it’s just heartbreak and disappointment. Luckily though, we had reconvened at Mandi’s to finish it out and it was worth the wait because that’s where this photo comes in.
  • “After Us” – Watching this Wong Fu Productions video this year was super relevant to me and it was a great reminder to pick myself up again after a split. Additionally though, I became much more aware of the videos that Wong Fu put out and found myself watching video after video after video. I’ve never been the most “Asian Asian,” but I have to admit that I do find comfort in watching these videos that feature predominantly Asian characters and their life experiences similar to mine. It’s kind of an interesting way for me to identify a little bit more with my roots when it’s not my usual.
  • I’m 25. – I feel very blessed this year to have had the best birthday celebration that I’ve ever had. Thank you so much to everyone that helped ring in my 25th birthday and for making it so great. It really has been a year of fun, experiences, and lessons (some good some bad, but still worth it!)

  • Wedding Rules You Can Throw Out – Quite a few people in my life have come to me this year asking me for advice and opinions on wedding ideas and wedding planning in general. Now, I’ve never been close to marriage, but I am really flattered that people value my thoughts on this. It’s not for everyone though. There are definitely people that disagree with my views against tradition, but I felt really good about writing this post and laying it all out on the table.
  • Find Foxy Films – When my brother’s friend Phil started his own film production company and started sharing short stories, I was intrigued. These are the types of stories I LOVE sharing on Yow Yow! – so raw, real, and personal. Phil is embarking on his own battle right now with Stage 3 Nodular Hogdkin’s Lymphoma, but that isn’t standing in his way. It’s inspiring to see him continue pursuing his dreams even while he’s still receiving treatment.
  • Natalie Tran – Asians in Media Talk – This is one of the first times that I ever struggle and discuss the issues that I’ve faced with my identity and being an Asian American. This was a particularly difficult post for me to write because I like to think it’s 2015 and this stuff doesn’t have to exist, but it is real and there are times when I get uncomfortable having to answer questions about my “Asian-ness” to other people and face the prejudice from others about those that I choose to date as well. I’m very optimistic about this and how things will look in the future and I think these things just take time.
  • Wedding Mondays – It’s so hard to choose a favorite! I didn’t think that I would be able to, but honestly this one made the most sense to share. I actually knew Justin in college so watching this video made this all the more memorable for me. I’m sure that next year when my own friends get married, they will find themselves on this list too.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

  • The Best Time to Visit Seattle – We took quite a few trips this year in 2015, but we never have a bad time when we return home to Seattle. During this trip, I got to see some of my favorite people and eat all of the things that I crave when I’m in the Bay Area.
  • The Instagram Project – It sometimes seems a little crazy how much time I may spend thinking about the perfect picture to post, but Instagram is a great daily outlet when I can’t get to writing a post on Yow Yow! everyday. While it does take some added time, I’ve actually enjoyed the pictures that have come out of this project even more and am looking forward to continuing on with it into 2016.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

  • Last Weekend’s Halloween Wedding – I just noticed – today – that the title of the post said “Weeding” instead of “Wedding.” How did no one catch this?! Oy… so embarrassed. Anyways, this was the first time that I could ever go through and talk about every detail of a wedding – what I liked and disliked – cause I didn’t know the couple! We won’t have this opportunity for a long time! Also it was my first themed wedding ever – v. steam punk and it was quite the experience.

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset

It was so hard to narrow this post down to just 12 favorites and this took me the whole evening to go through a whole year of posts. I know I’ve written repeatedly this year that I didn’t get to write as much as I would have liked to and at the volume I’m used to like in the past, but I’m very proud of what I’ve put out. There are things that I’ve written on Yow Yow! in 2015 that I could’ve never had the experience or knowledge to write about back in 2009. I think this is the reason why I sometimes feel the need to keep pushing. There’s so much more for us to discuss on Yow Yow! and it’s important that we see it through. Thank you for reading. 🙂

29 Dec 2015

Song of the Day

Bryson Tiller – Don’t

The DJ at 7 Salon in Seattle plays better music than the DJs spinning at the bars in San Francisco. Just sayin’ #shade.

28 Dec 2015

Everlane Lets Shoppers Choose Their Own Price

Before even moving to the Bay Area, Everlane was always a retailer that interested me. I have always kind of liked their pieces from afar, but never took the plunge into buying anything from them. Earlier this year, I even stopped by an event at their office which was more like a socializing happy hour with a DJ than an event to shop at which I originally thought was the purpose. I just found out today though that their post Christmas sale is one unlike any other that I’ve seen. For their select items, they are allowing customers to choose from three different price points – all below retail – when paying.

Each price is accompanied by an explanation for what that amount of money covers. So, if you pay $81 for the Nubuck Street Shoe, that’s only covering production; if you pay $97, you’re also covering overhead for Everlane’s team; and if you pay $126, you’re covering those things and also allowing for Everlane to invest in its growth.

Wowza, those are quite the differences aren’t they? On one hand, I do only want to pay $81, but then I feel a little bit uncomfortable knowing that I’m paying for the shoe to be just constructed, however, $126 is over $40+ from that lowest price point and that seems absurd! So where does that leave you as a customer? Do you pay the $97 for the shoes and the guilt that comes along with it?

Readers, what do you think customers will choose? How would you choose and what would be your rationale? I’ve never seen a retailer do this before, but I do remember writing an article in my high school’s newspaper about a local coffee shop that did the whole “pay what you want” type of thing and what happened was that the shop ended up shuttering in under a year. 🙁


28 Dec 2015

Summer’s Romantical Vibes


Dress – Brandy Melville / Bracelet – Madewell

This was way way way back into the summer when we had just gotten a fresh cut and were wearing it wavy on a daily basis. That’s kind of what summers are for though, aren’t they?! When I first put on this dress, I had a moment similar to my holiday party dress – I wanted to wear it everywhere and it just fit like a glove – pretty perfectly! Wearing it with boots, makes this look a little bit edgier, but I’m excited to explore what other kind of footwear I can wear with this. Also, I don’t even like the color red usually so this felt like an outlier – plus it makes us look a little bit more tan – we don’t have a problem with that.


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