Billion Dollar Bully Slams Yelp

It’s pretty crazy how often I find myself using Yelp. If I’ve never been to a restaurant before, I completely rely on them to give me honest reviews. Since I’ve used it so much, I guess I never realized the backlash that the company has received from other business owners, but it makes sense. In this new documentary, local filmmaker Kaylie Milliken questions Yelp’s business practices and conducts interviews with business owners who feel their businesses have been vastly impacted by the types of reviews that are found on Yelp about them.

I’m actually really interested in watching this. The film is halfway done already.


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4 thoughts on “Billion Dollar Bully Slams Yelp

  1. Kaylie says:

    Thank you for your interest in my project! :) It’s now on Kickstarter, if you want to check out the link:

  2. BrianW says:

    I have a business that had great reviews in the early days of Yelp’s popularity. Of course we also had disgruntled customers posting reviews, which I responded to. I noticed that other company’s in my area were posting bad reviews (fake) , as the incidents never happened. I decided to test Yelp and while on vacation in Florida, and Hong Kong, attempted to post positive reviews using other fake accounts, fake emails, fake Facebook accounts. My thinking was, I wanted to test Yelp to see if I could bypass the negative reviews with positive reviews. I also posted reviews wi these fake persona about other restaurants so Yelp would think I was genuine. Right after I attempted this, I started getting call from Yelp to advertise withe them, emails as well. The positive reviews were never posted even though they were very detailed, impossible to trace. I believe that Yelp bully’s people and forces them to pay to get negative reviews removed from their site. I no longer use Yelp and refuse to look at any of my company’s reviews, we just try to do the best job possible and let our actions speak for themselves.

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