Written by Katie
07 Jun 2015

The Week: 5 Things

Woof! Well it feels like this week just completely flew by us. I can’t believe I’m starting over again tomorrow on a Monday and doing this whole thing all over again. This week was feeling particularly chilly…except for today because I’m sweating all over my couch in 80 degree weather right now. I don’t mind the one-off days though so earlier this week, I threw on my favorite Brandy Melville sweater and equipped myself with a Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte. I’m back and forth between Starbucks and Blue Bottle these days and not sure why I can’t make up my mind. I think it’s because I get Blue Bottle for free, but Starbucks gives me that suga suga that I need to function.

We’ve had a bunch of new people starting at the company lately so to celebrate and have everyone kind of get to know each other, we threw a happy hour at the beer garden down the street. That day (same day) was also chilly so Jackson and I shared a blanket.


For a party hosted by my company on Friday night, our caterer made a ton of desserts at the end of the evening. So these chocolate eclairs look like mini turds and it was impossible to make them photograph well, but they were so so good. I definitely couldn’t help myself from having just one. There were also cream puffs and flavored cheesecake bites that I didn’t photograph.


Before a surprise party last night, Darlene and I stopped by 4505 BBQ for a quick bite on Divisadero. We didn’t have a large appetite so we each ordered the Frankaroni which was supposed to be mac and cheese with sliced franks. It ended up being fried mac and cheese in a perfect square block. So… filling for what we were looking for, but we just wanted like mac and cheese childhood style. We learned our lesson though, next time we’ll go back for the bbq.


It’s summer! It’s summer! It’s June! We’re getting prepped for it in my favorite shade of Essie “Madison Ave-Hue.”

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