Written by Katie
03 Aug 2015

Spotify: Discover Weekly

Ever since I exited from working in the music industry, it has been a whole lot harder for me to discover new songs and artists/bands like I used to. Actually in general, since I’ve been working a full-time job, it has been more difficult to do these things and blog at the same time! As of late, I’ve been relying on Kevin updating his “Favorites Right Now” playlist every Tuesday so that I can find new music to listen to. Prior to this, Spotify had these apps – Twitter Music (formerly We Are Hunted before they were bought out) and Pitchfork which I used through Spotify religiously. Then that shuttered and I had Kevin. I learned through Herman Young tonight though about a new hack and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it for the past hour! I wish Spotify had made some sort of announcement about this because I know there’s probably other people just like me who are wondering the same thing.

Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist is calculated for your every week and released on Monday based on the songs you listened to the previous week. Wow, technology is cool, you guys. I use Spotify every day and even though I make my playlists for every season, there are times when I find that things are getting stale so I always want to be adding new songs. I’m so happy with this feature!

Here’s a look at what my playlist for this week looks like:


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