Five Favorite Pins: A White Bedroom

I recently have been contemplating moving up to San Francisco. BIG CHANGE. In addition to gaining a similar experience that I had when I used to live in downtown Seattle, I will also be inheriting a really upsetting commute. It has been a difficult decision to make and I’m actually still in the process of making it. However, as much of a hassle as it is to move, there’s something really refreshing about starting over. In some ways, it’s a clean slate. After two years living in the same place, maybe this is a good opportunity to try something new or maybe… it just isn’t the time yet. One thing that I would be excited for about this move though is revamping my bedroom. For as long as I have known since I was growing up, my bedroom has always been a sacred space. It’s the home within a home and these days I’ve been pinning lots of bedrooms on Pinterest that ere towards a more minimalistic vibe and happen to be completely whited out. I’ve heard that winding down in spaces like these are better for your mind and for your soul. In the past I lived in a studio so I didn’t have a chance to decorate my bedroom exactly the way I wanted it and previous bedrooms have been all over the place. Here are a few pins that I’m gaining inspiration from:

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