25 Sep 2015

The Luna Lamp

For as long as I’ve known, I’ve always been a kid that was obsessed with the moon. So when I saw this AMAZING lamp the other day on Cool Material, I thought hmm now wouldn’t this be cool in my apartment. However, I think it’s like too cool for my apartment actually.

Made by Taiwanese design firm, Acorn Studio, this lamp is way cooler and more hip than any other floor lamp you’ve ever owned. Although on saying that, there are some pretty cool and elegant floor lamps that you can get for your home. Actually, I might have a look at getting some for my other rooms, just to add a bit of extra light. But this Luna Lamp is definitely on my wishlist, so before I do anything else, I will be looking to get my hands on this lamp.

Moon shaped lamps are so unique and they also make fantastic gifts. One of my friends actually bought his girlfriend a moon lamp that was custom printed with a photo of the two of them together. He told me that there are some great websites out there nowadays where you can Put (Photo, Text, Pattern) On The Moon Light to make it a little more personalized. The next time I need to buy someone a gift I think I will definitely consider buying a custom moon lamp.

Anyway, the Luna Lamp comes in seven different sizes and receives its beautiful glow through energy efficient LED bulbs which have a lifespan of 10 years. You’re going to have this lamp fo’ life! You also have the option of having it on the ground like in the photo above or hanging it up from a ceiling just like the real moon. Deliveries for the lamp will begin in March 2016. Get your orders in now.


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