Five Favorite Pins: Cookie Thyme

Caramel Apple Cookies [Bakers Royale]

Ever since we got back from Milk Jar Cookies in LA last month, all I’ve been thinking about is cookies. I actually have much more of a hankering for desserts during the fall/winter because how great is it when you get to bring your favorite dessert home from a restaurant in a to-go box  and you get to eat it on your couch while watching a movie? It’s the best. So anyways, I’m totally craving cookies right now and while I know I could totally bake these myself, I’m most likely not going to end up doing that, but it’s still nice to dream, right? Here are 5 cookies that up the chocolate chip cookie game:

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies [With Lovely]

Cherry Chocolate Almond Cookies [Kitchen Daily]

Earl Grey Chocolate Chip Cookies [Designlovefest]

Buttered popcorn chocolate chip cookies [Joy the Baker]

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