Madewell Spring 2016

Are we ready to talk about Madewell’s Spring 2016 collection yet? Probably not, but it’s always exciting to look ahead. My friends used to describe in a word: Futurist – always looking/planning ahead for things that are very very far out into the future so just like I am that way in my life, I’m also the same way with my wardrobe planning. Madewell just released some snaps for Spring 2016 and we’re just as giddy even with it being 4-5 months away.

These remind me of Mandi’s overalls and they are one of my favorite pieces in her closet! It’s funny because I used to believe that they weren’t all that versatile, but they totally are.

This is going to be mine.

True story, I’ve been wanting to incorporate bandanas into my wardrobe recently as an accessory and I recently went to a restaurant in the city where bandanas were the napkins and I wanted to take mine home with me, but my friends were all like “you should probably not be stealing from the restaurant – you can buy it online for $2” … so I didn’t. But it was RIGHT THERE.

To view the entire collection on Fashionista, click here!

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