Month: December 2015

31 Dec 2015

RIP Red Carpet Fashion Awards

I always hate it when I have to say goodbye to one of my favorite blogs. I’ve been reading Red Carpet Fashion Awards for years and never thought I’d have to actually part ways with them! Whenever I spotted a celebrity in an outfit that I had to know the designer, RCFA was the first…

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30 Dec 2015

Looking Forward, 2016

It doesn’t need to be the start of a new year in order for us to make goals and resolutions for ourselves, but like every year, it just is what it is. For some reason, we are all very attached to that January 1st date and seeing how long we can stick out our resolutions…

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30 Dec 2015

Currently Craving:

Today’s craving is a weird one! Since I’ve been sick (pretty much all of the holiday break!) I’ve been avoiding my daily caffeine and Starbucks entirely, which on the reg – is normally very hard for me to do. Today, I’m missing all three of my favorites and even moreso because the holidays are almost…

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30 Dec 2015

My Favorite Posts of 2015

As we were writing our top posts of 2015 the other day, I realized that a lot of them hadn’t been written by me! They were, in fact, written by Mandi and she’s so deserving to have many of those posts receive that many views this year because she had worked hard on them. In…

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29 Dec 2015

Song of the Day

Bryson Tiller – Don’t The DJ at 7 Salon in Seattle plays better music than the DJs spinning at the bars in San Francisco. Just sayin’ #shade.

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28 Dec 2015

Everlane Lets Shoppers Choose Their Own Price

Before even moving to the Bay Area, Everlane was always a retailer that interested me. I have always kind of liked their pieces from afar, but never took the plunge into buying anything from them. Earlier this year, I even stopped by an event at their office which was more like a socializing happy hour…

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28 Dec 2015

Summer’s Romantical Vibes

Dress – Brandy Melville / Bracelet – Madewell This was way way way back into the summer when we had just gotten a fresh cut and were wearing it wavy on a daily basis. That’s kind of what summers are for though, aren’t they?! When I first put on this dress, I had a moment…

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  • Twins!
  • Current status: living here and lounging for the weekend #ashssexybach
  • This look of pure joy that @chenxleslie captured also looks like I’m really scared 😬
  • There will be many more palms in Palm Springs today!
  • Could live in this shade of dusty rose 4ever
  • We just missed the timeframe for brunch at @lemaraisbakery this weekend so that means we have to come back
  • Just enough sheer
  • How do you pick just one?
  • Back to our winter ways

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