Black Magic Vibez

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 11.12.57 PM

Sweater – Aritzia / Shorts – Brandy Melville

When I initially posted this photo on Instagram, I captioned it “Black magic vibez” because at the time, I was currently obsessed with the song “Black Magic” by Little Mix. You may have seen me mention them once, twice or… like five times here on Yow Yow! It was all that we were listening to! I purchased these shorts at Brandy when I was shopping for an outfit to wear to the Taylor Swift concert (the same night that Little Mix was a special guest and performed too!) and on that shopping trip, I had a purpose. However, like all shopping trips that I take, I tend to get a little off course. I stepped into my favorite retailer, Aritzia after I thought the trip was done and even though I was still sweating in the Bay Area heat everyday, I thought that this sweater might make a good wear in a couple months. I happen to be wearing it right now as I’m typing this so…success!

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