Wedding Mondays

Sundays are for lovers. I haven’t been saying this for very long, but used it to promote a Wedding Mondays post not too long ago. Actually, it was something that I kept seeing on Hannah Bronfman’s Instagram as a caption she would use to describe photos of her and her fiance Brandon Fallis on Sundays. I thought it was a pretty sweet line to use because when I think about my previous relationships, Sundays were always “our days.” It’s those days where you wrap up from the weekend and get started together again. It’s those days where you have a very late brunch and then spend all afternoon working and catching up on errands. Coincidentally – relationships aside – these are also the days in which I catch up on wedding videos for the following Monday.

It’s pretty late right now, but I felt I needed to finish watching the videos from this week and I came across this one. Normally, I have a queue of wedding videos to pick from for Wedding Mondays (well, at least right now I do) but this one is going to jump the queue. Even though it may not be what I choose for myself, I love destination weddings. I get excited about seeing something that isn’t on a golf course or in a hotel. I like seeing the views that you could never get anywhere else. This is coming from a girl who hasn’t been to a destination wedding yet so I’m saying this from my experience of watching lots and lots of wedding videos. There’s no dialogue in this video, which is okay with us because it looks so perfect that it doesn’t need any. When I first started watching it, I felt like I was watching a clip from a film. It actually took my breath away a little bit. And I’m so happy that this couple chose this song by James Vincent McMorrow. I’ve never heard it in a wedding video, but it fit in so well with the couple and all of the footage. It was almost as if this wedding video was re-reminding me just how good of a song it was. It’s refreshing to hear a song that is unconventionally used for a wedding video rather than one that gets constantly recycled. Enjoy enjoy! I hope this makes your Monday. I can’t stop gushing over it.

To view this stunning Portugal wedding, click here.

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