30 Dec 2015

Looking Forward, 2016

It doesn’t need to be the start of a new year in order for us to make goals and resolutions for ourselves, but like every year, it just is what it is. For some reason, we are all very attached to that January 1st date and seeing how long we can stick out our resolutions for whether it’s one week, one month, or a few months. If we’re being honest here, I wrote my resolutions from last year and I couldn’t even remember them until I just went back and looked at what I wrote this past week. Some I nailed, others not so much! Let’s go back and recap on 2015 before we talk about next year’s resolutions for 2016 though.


  • Be more of an adult (with regards to finances) – I didn’t get that additional credit card that I was hoping for. Boy, did this year just fly by! I really wish I had made time for this though because it’s actually a very important thing to do and I kind of just blew it.
  • Make smart purchases – I not only purchased things that I frequently used more this year, but for gifts I asked for things that I knew I needed and would put more use towards like a laptop case, a carry-on luggage, etc.
  • Dress Better – Done and done!
  • Channel Taylor Swift – If I’m Taylor Swift then Mandi is my Karlie Kloss. Mandi has been my best gal pal throughout this entire year. Additionally, it’s been nice to reconnect with my other friends in the Bay Area on the occasion too as we’re all doing very different things and we’ve grown up a lot since college. I’m also enjoying it when my friends back home set me up with girlfriend dates in the city so that I can expand my #squad.
  • Wear High Heels – Also not an issue
  • Treat myself to a vacation – I still haven’t had that week long relaxing vacation to a place abroad that I’ve always dreamed about, but it’s not too late! That’s what 2016 might be for! I did, however, take a ton of trips this year to Portland, San Diego, Seattle x2, Monterey, LA, Houston/Austin, and Boston. It’s the most I’ve ever traveled within a year and I’m pretty content with that. 🙂
  • Stay active – Okay so this wasn’t consistent, BUT I DID do Soul Cycle for the first time this year. On top of that I climbed indoors on and off throughout 2015, but not as much as I should’ve.


  • Finish the things we start – My friends are always shocked when I tell them that I haven’t finished a book in years, but that’s because I always find myself getting completely distracted. I have 4 books at home that I started within the last year and I’m going to finish them by the end of 2016 – starting with the one I just received from Christmas – Modern Romance.
  • Have more of an adult apartment – I haven’t decided quite yet if I’m going to stay in my current place this year or not, but whatever the case, I want to design a home that I not only love to live in, but that others want to live in too. So even if it costs a little bit more to put some extra touches on it, we’ll go the extra mile. I was telling Mandi the other day that every guy I’ve ever dated has always had candles, but that I had never owned a candle in my life which lead me to start wondering if there was something wrong with me!
  • Get to 1,000 Instagram followers – Okay readers, this is something that y’all can actually help me out with since I already have 1,000+ subscribers to Yow Yow! I’ve really been enjoying using Instagram as a daily outlet when I can’t post to Yow Yow! every day and after spending the majority of the year trying to take better photos than I ever have before, this is something I’d like to achieve.
  • Go Abroad – I’m headed to Mexico this coming January, but I’d like to go further. I have serious FOMO when I hear about all of my friends going on their trips, but I realize that me wallowing about it isn’t going to get me there faster. I have a whole year to plan for something amazing now and I’m hoping that this is the year! We’ve been on such a great traveling streak these days anyways.
  • Do all the things you said you were gonna do – I was terrified about getting back into hip hop again this year and couldn’t even make it into the studio. I also didn’t attempt the aerial silks class that I’ve been wanting to try out. In 2016, we’re going to get these things done. Baby steps. And by bringing a friend of course.
  • Save Save Save – Because who couldn’t use a little bit more savings in their lives? When I was in high school, my friend Lexi was one of the best role models I had in my life. She’s one of the smartest girls I know – so bright, driven, and successful. I remember going over to her childhood home and asking her what that piece of paper was on the ceiling of her bedroom. She told me that it was check written for 10,000 and that she had it up there to remind herself every day of the goal that she was getting to. I witnessed her buy her own car and by her own house before any of my friends and it was no surprise.
  • Work Smarter – Burning out from work is not something anyone actually strives for, your eyes will certainly not thank you for staring at that computer constantly. It can be combated by going onto Felix Gray to find computer glasses, but you’ll still be burning out. I also don’t like being one of the last few people in my office working late sometimes because I worry that it gives the impression that I don’t know how to manage my time during the day. In 2016, we’re going to have a better work life balance… or rather a better a work / life / Yow Yow! balance!

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