Year: 2015

22 Dec 2015

The Cobrasnake and His Influence on Hipster Culture

Does this photo jog any memories for anyone? No, I’m not talking about that Myspace swag that girl has got. Way back when, we used to be a little obsessed with a photographer named Mark Hunter AKA The Cobrasnake. He was the ultimate hipster and he had a very distinct way of shooting his photos. In fact, we loved them so much that in Yow Yow’s original layout, we would swap out our header every month for about 2-3 years for one of Mark’s photos. I remembered that I both loved and hated doing this. I loved it because it made the blog feel a little more fresh every month, but I hated it because it was so much pressure! Mark gained popularity fast and it was tough for me to be able to keep up with his photo postings, but I didn’t want to miss any published album for fear of missing the perfect header shot. Sometimes, I’d be backlogged for months catching up. While I loved these photographs for the way he shot them, I also was a little mesmerized with his lifestyle – constant parties, music festivals, tagging along with his bff Steve Aoki and then-girlfriend Cory Kennedy who was really just an IT girl in her own right. There were celebrities everywhere. There were also photos that you didn’t want to see – the ones that featured nudity, intimate moments, and my least favorite… vomit – especially when in action. Such is life though, right? And Mark captured it all. It’s been a few years since we’ve visited the site, but it’s still up and running! Mark is still taking photos and these days featuring a new wave of celebrities probably – gone are the days in which Paris and Nicky Hilton reigned. Bring on the Bella Hadid’s! In this Vice article, Mark Hunter looks back to describe the last 10 years of shooting.

21 Dec 2015

Wedding Mondays

Sundays are for lovers. I haven’t been saying this for very long, but used it to promote a Wedding Mondays post not too long ago. Actually, it was something that I kept seeing on Hannah Bronfman’s Instagram as a caption she would use to describe photos of her and her fiance Brandon Fallis on Sundays. I thought it was a pretty sweet line to use because when I think about my previous relationships, Sundays were always “our days.” It’s those days where you wrap up from the weekend and get started together again. It’s those days where you have a very late brunch and then spend all afternoon working and catching up on errands. Coincidentally – relationships aside – these are also the days in which I catch up on wedding videos for the following Monday.

It’s pretty late right now, but I felt I needed to finish watching the videos from this week and I came across this one. Normally, I have a queue of wedding videos to pick from for Wedding Mondays (well, at least right now I do) but this one is going to jump the queue. Even though it may not be what I choose for myself, I love destination weddings. I get excited about seeing something that isn’t on a golf course or in a hotel. I like seeing the views that you could never get anywhere else. This is coming from a girl who hasn’t been to a destination wedding yet so I’m saying this from my experience of watching lots and lots of wedding videos. There’s no dialogue in this video, which is okay with us because it looks so perfect that it doesn’t need any. When I first started watching it, I felt like I was watching a clip from a film. It actually took my breath away a little bit. And I’m so happy that this couple chose this song by James Vincent McMorrow. I’ve never heard it in a wedding video, but it fit in so well with the couple and all of the footage. It was almost as if this wedding video was re-reminding me just how good of a song it was. It’s refreshing to hear a song that is unconventionally used for a wedding video rather than one that gets constantly recycled. Enjoy enjoy! I hope this makes your Monday. I can’t stop gushing over it.

To view this stunning Portugal wedding, click here.

21 Dec 2015

Blog Roundup

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 9.40.33 PM

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Also, just want to note that there will be many more round-up posts as we get closer to the end of the year! I just need to wrap everything up with work first before my focus shifts to Yow Yow! Don’t worry, we’ll do our usuals that we love to do every year and look forward to.

21 Dec 2015

Obsessed Lately:

I don’t know how it began, but a couple of months ago, my team had found out that another team upstairs had been getting into puzzles. Not wanting to feel left out, we started a friendly competition. It didn’t last long because the other team got bored with their puzzles, but our team had kept on going. We are now on our 3rd puzzle together so when I stumbled upon this one of a vinyl collection on Cool Material, I felt like it was screaming my name. I really did debate purchasing it for a good minute. I was never really into puzzles as a kid, but I still remember seeing stores at the mall that were just dedicated to them. I used to wonder who would go into these stores, now I realize it’s 25-year old me.

16 Dec 2015

Wedding Wednesdays – Will You Be My Bridesmaid?


I’ve always considered myself extremely lucky when it comes to friends and lady friends in particular. I have arguably the most incredible, inspiring, strong, beautiful, hilarious, and intelligent women surrounding me. Because having fifteen bridesmaids is what one might consider, excessive, I chose six of my best ladies to be my bridesmaids with the plan to continue including the other ten or so in other meaningful ways. The first and most important way to make my six bridesmaids feel special was how to “pop the question”.

I have heard horror stories from friends who have been bridesmaids in countless weddings and I have to be honest, you get a lot more negative stories than positive ones. In contemplating “the ask” I wanted to ensure my bridesmaids felt cherished, loved, and that just as I am asking them to do this favor for me, I too would do anything for them. My bridesmaids are spread out across the country from California to Washington to Oregon to Texas and Montana making it important that distance did not mean they got skimped on a personal ask. All of these considerations led me to the obvious, a bridesmaid box filled with a mixture of things that represent both the wedding weekend (Yosemite National Park, adventure, etc) and our friendship.

I chose unfinished cigar boxes so that I could paint them myself (with some help from my wonderful fiance, both emotional and technical). Painting the boxes turned out to take several days and it was not exactly the most fun task. In the end it felt good to spend so much time on something for each of the ladies who are undoubtedly going to spend much of their own time helping out on our wedding weekend, bridal shower, and bachelorette party. Next, I went on a hunt for the perfect trinkets to fill the boxes, which ended up being: Malvi Marshmallows, trail mix, bandanas, a cute Instagram print of myself with each bridesmaid, an airplane sized Fireball shot, and a Yosemite postcard with a love note written on each one. Thankfully, each of my bridesmaids accepted my proposal because let’s be real, they all knew this was coming for at least a year before I was even engaged. Now that they’ve agreed to be my bridesmaids, we can start celebrating and looking for dresses for them to wear. One of them suggested convertible bridesmaid dresses. That was a good idea, it’s definitely something we’ll all look into. I want them to be comfortable and happy with their dresses.

In the end, I would recommend putting a little time into asking your own leading ladies (or gentlemen or both) when asking them to stand next to you on such a big day. Consider their likes, dislikes, and what would bring a smile to their face. If your bridal party happens to live near you consider asking them in person over brunch and bloody marys (because nothing is better than a good bloody)! My fiance also spent time asking each of his groomsmen in a personal way. As he is not one to talk on the phone generally, making the effort to call each of his six besties to ask them individually was a truly special gesture. This goes to show even the smallest action can make the biggest impact and that the best part about this whole thing is having your favorite people by your side.

16 Dec 2015

Should We Buy This?

Earlier this summer, I came across an Instagram shot from one of my former favorite bloggers, Noel Duan, who posted THIS. I was in LA visiting Gelesia at the time and as soon as we saw these branded/customized sandals, we were in love. You know that emoji with the hearts as eyes? That’s the expression we both had. I couldn’t believe that I could actually own a pair of sandals that could say “Katie” on one foot and “Yow Yow!” on the other. That’s not crazy is it?

So we did some digging and when I say digging, I really mean the only thing we care about is how much these cost. The sandal itself is $240. The customization is probably another story. I probably could’ve included this in my Christmas Wish List post, but I thought it deserved it’s own because they are fantastic.

What do you think? Is it worth it to splurge on these adorable Pam Left Pam Right sandals? I mean… we have worked really hard this year…


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