Written by Katie
09 Jan 2016

Stay-In Saturday

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet on Yow Yow! this week. That wasn’t the plan at all. In fact, we had plans for a more elaborate shoot this week to celebrate Yow Yow!’s 7 birthday. We planned on posting more than we ever have and in general just staying up to date with news. The reason we were sidetracked is because I’ve basically been on/off sick since November and just when I thought I was getting better, I spent two days at work and the next two days at home recovering. The Asian way of recovering from a sickness is that you just power through with water, soup, no dairy and no medication. Well Thursday, I threw in the towel – went to Urgent Care and as soon as I sat down, just told my doctor the situation and told her that she should just slip me a Z-Pack. When I say “slip” I mean “formally prescribe me it so that I can pick it up at my nearby pharmacy” of course!

Things are a little better, but not 100% quite yet. Whatever the case though, a little rest never hurt anyone. For many years – since college even – I’ve been so used to always being on the move and having something planned every part of the day that that’s what leads me to get sick in the first place. We tried to stay in bed for as long as we could, but even I couldn’t get that part right. So today we’re going to rest. We’ll take it easy and do a little work and we’ll get to all those blog posts we said we would get to… right… now!


  1. Cool picture! Nice little view you got there 🙂

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