These Little Loves

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Somewhere in 2015, I decided that I wanted to be wearing rings. Growing up, I wasn’t big on jewelry – in fact, I always thought that they were getting in the way. I didn’t like the way my rings would tap on a keyboard, how my bracelet would scratch up against my mouse, everything about it bothered me. And then one day, I stopped caring. I was obsessed with this NYC brand, Catbird, and though cats aren’t my favorite animal – thought the cat ring was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I had to have it. Then, I found myself collecting more rings along the way, ones that I found on sale at Madewell, another one from Madewell, and two in a Los Angeles boutique that were reasonably priced. Not wanting to lose these, I made a purchase for the matching Catbird dish ring to store all the goods. It seemed like perfect timing to write about this because this coming week, we’re going to be working with a brand out of California and dressing up a couple of statement necklaces. We’re so excited!

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