Month: February 2016

26 Feb 2016

The Blind Leading the Blind

Let me tell you something about the way that I blog. There are blogs that I *try* to read every day. These show up as little icons on my bookmarks bar and while I wish I could get to them every day, it’s just impossible and I can accept reality. I at least get to them by the end of the week. Then, there are blogs that I love, but I can’t get to them every day sometimes not even every month. I go months and sometimes up to half-a-year before I read them again. But I’m OCD so trust that I will go back and read all the way up to the last piece of content that I left off of. I do that by writing the date in which I last checked that blog next to the URL of all blogs that I keep on a separate notepad on my laptop. It’s crazy, okay?

Anyways, the last time I posted about “The Blind Leading the Blind,” it was last June. What I love about Alexi Wasser is that she serves some healthy doses of realness. These are all the thoughts that I sometimes have, but can’t say out loud or in writing because my parents will be upset with me and like maybe I could potentially get in trouble somehow? or even scarier, my friends will never look at me the same again. What we do is we re-post and we let Alexi take the credit for all of these things because she’s a genius anyways. There have been several “The Blind Leading the Blind” posts since last June so here’s a round-up, but also here are some pieces of truth from those posts that we feel okay with summarizing for you here:

  • 1. let people miss you. give them that gift.
  • 2. hey stream of consciousness texters, how about you fit ALL the info you want to express in ONE chunky text! The beeps from you fucking texting me are making me hate you!
  • 6. you should never text someone if you can’t handle them NOT responding.
  • 1. don’t treat people like a priority who treat you like an option.


26 Feb 2016

These Little Loves

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 9.23.16 PM

Somewhere in 2015, I decided that I wanted to be wearing rings. Growing up, I wasn’t big on jewelry – in fact, I always thought that they were getting in the way. I didn’t like the way my rings would tap on a keyboard, how my bracelet would scratch up against my mouse, everything about it bothered me. And then one day, I stopped caring. I was obsessed with this NYC brand, Catbird, and though cats aren’t my favorite animal – thought the cat ring was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I had to have it. Then, I found myself collecting more rings along the way, ones that I found on sale at Madewell, another one from Madewell, and two in a Los Angeles boutique that were reasonably priced. Not wanting to lose these, I made a purchase for the matching Catbird dish ring to store all the goods. It seemed like perfect timing to write about this because this coming week, we’re going to be working with a brand out of California and dressing up a couple of statement necklaces. We’re so excited!

26 Feb 2016

Cover of the Day

Whoa, I don’t actually think I ever knew the words when I was singing this in my car on the way to work every morning. And now… we do!

The more you know…

22 Feb 2016

Where We Wanna Be: Amangiri

Something that I think about a lot more as an adult and not so much when I was in college are places that I want to travel to. Back then, I would choose places because that’s where my friends wanted to go. Today, it’s still interesting to find places to go to, but I also like to ask myself why exactly I want to go there. What am I looking for out of this vacation? What’s important to me and what’s necessary for me to get and have the relaxation that I need? Such thoughts, right?!

This past December, I wasn’t sure that I was going to be returning home to Seattle and what I was looking for at the time was something kind of secluded, quiet, and in the middle of nowhere, but still very beautiful. I remembered how one of my favorite bloggers, Sincerely Jules, had gone on a trip this past summer to the most beautiful location called Amangiri in Utah. Seriously, the pictures are absolutely stunning – don’t worry we’ll try to include more.

Another thing that I’ve been searching for in a vacation lately is a place where I can completely disconnect. I happen to have a job where I feel pretty tied to always staying connected and no, not just cause I work in tech. It’s great at times, but there are also times where it puts a barrier between me and those that I care about because I can’t disconnect. I previously researched those retreats where you have to turn in all of your electronics and you’re just completely off the grid, but that also freaked me out a little bit so I’d like to have at least some control. We’ll work our way up to that eventually.

It’s pretty isn’t it? Turns out it’s hella $$$ and is like tens of thousands of dollars to stay here I think (at least it was in Dec.) So while we can’t stay here now, it’s something that I think I want to work towards you know after I pay off all my student loans and among many other things, I at least want to come here. I think then when I feel like I can actually stay here and afford it, I’ll feel like I kind of accomplished something massive for being in my 20’s.

22 Feb 2016

A Rare Denim Sighting

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Sweater – Aritzia / Denim – Forever21 / Black boots

I know, hard to believe right? My coworkers couldn’t even believe that I owned a pair of denim jeans until I came to work one day with these on. I’ve never really felt like I could pull them off. That seems like a weird thing to say because it’s a very universal piece of clothing. However, when I wear jeans, I feel blah. I feel like I have less energy, less spunk, and just kind of ordinary in general. Maybe even a little bit tired. Safe to say that I’m probably never going to just be a “t-shirt and jeans kind of girl.” I never really was! This look, however, was something that I felt really comfortable in. Cuffing them at the bottom and showing off the boots made this outfit feel a little less ordinary and a little bit more me.

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22 Feb 2016

Wedding Mondays

We haven’t featured too many winter weddings recently, but this one is one of our favorites! Winter has never ever been my favorite season. In fact, tbh – it’s my least favorite season, but there’s something really beautiful about snow and winter being so quiet and calm that brings a lot of warmth to a winter wedding. It’s where we see a lot more greenery instead of florals and it’s where we see more candlelight. If you’ve been following Yow Yow! lately then you know that candles are a recent obsession for us.

The details in this wedding are stunning and we hope that you’ll enjoy this video and this feature by Green Wedding Shoes as much as we do. <3

22 Feb 2016

Proud Owner:

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 7.54.42 PM

Well it’s a little bit embarrassing how overdue this post is considering that we bought these Dolce Vita booties specifically for fall and now…we’re headed into spring! I really didn’t want to pass up a chance to write a post about these though because they were one of my favorite buys in 2015. I had been looking for a pair of booties for quite some time as I only had my scuffed up black ones that I had stolen from my Mom and my gray ones that I have had for a couple years now. What I really wanted were some short suede ones in a neutral tan color so as soon as these were released, I kept my eye on it for a couple of weeks! I’ve been realizing though that I haven’t worn them to an exhausting amount because since these are lighter colored, I get so nervous about them getting messed up. However, they go really well with cute spring dresses and a pair of denim jeans (not like I wear pants that much anyways!)


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