Written by Katie
05 Mar 2016

In Adult Mishaps This Week

A really embarrassing incident happened to me on Friday. So you know how earlier this year, I mentioned that I’ve become a new fan of rings? Well, that fandom got me into a little bit of trouble. While getting ready Friday morning, I put on my rings a little bit too quickly and on the wrong hands. The reason why they need to be on specific hands is because my right-handed fingers are a little bit fatter than my left-handed fingers. As I got to work, I started to become really irritated by it and I couldn’t let it go. In between working I would ice my right hand to get the swelling to go down, but that was pretty inconvenient because that’s my “mouse” hand. When that didn’t work, I used lotion, olive oil, and soapy water. The two rings on my right hand weren’t budging. After a call in the middle afternoon, I got up and started feeling a little woozy and panic started to set in that the rings were really cutting my circulation and they needed to come off NOW. After obtaining a piece of string, my coworker used the trick exemplified in the video below, but I would say that the intensity level of what was actually being done to me was 10x what was show in the video. My rings felt like they were sucked to my finger and the string had to be wrapped around my finger in two turns continually cutting off my circulation even more and essentially turning my finger purple. I couldn’t even watch it as it was happening, but one co-worker thought it would make a good Snapchat story.

Thank goodness for helpful co-workers, but what would I had done if I were on my own?!

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