Written by Katie
05 Mar 2016

Yow Yow’s Tahoe Trip!


So I’ve been meaning to blog about our Tahoe trip for awhile now. At first, I said I would get to it in a few days and then a few days turned into weeks and well you know how the rest goes! It has now been almost two months since Tahoe, but I felt like now seemed like the best time to write about it because we’re right on the heels of our next trip. This week, I’m headed to New York with Mandi for our girls trip! It’s something that we’ve been looking forward to for awhile now, but more on that when we get back 🙂 Every year, my coworkers take a trip to Tahoe and for the past two years, I never had that much interest in it. I’ve only been to the mountains once back in Seattle and that was an offsite with one of my teams and all we did was mostly go tubing. However, I’d never been to Tahoe before so I thought I would give it a shot. I can’t believe this place is 4 hours away! I really didn’t appreciate how close the mountains were when I was living in Washington. The whole ride there and back, we finished Serial Season 1 though so I feel like we accomplished something major.

Most of my coworkers did either skiing or cross-country skiing, but I was really looking forward to this getaway mostly just for that reason. I wanted some time to just get some work done, hang out, and get away from the Bay for a little bit. So the only time I really went outside was to explore or to get some photos. Overall, such a fun trip and a beautiful outing!

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Just endless cotton candy colored skies everywhere!

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