Yow Yow’s First Bachelorette Party!

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We figured since we are just a little bit more than a week out for G’s wedding that it was probably time to share our tales and photos from her bachelorette party! I can’t believe that one of my favorite girls is getting married – it’s unreal and I get a little bit emotional thinking about that day as it gets nearer. If a wedding video can bring out the tears, then what is this wedding going to do to me?! It’s been close to a month and a half since all of us ventured to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate Gelesia’s last days of singledom (kind of!) and can I just say that I went into this thinking that I would know all I needed to know about a bachelorette party, but that was not true. No one told me that the amount of drinks you might consume might surpass a Friday night out in college. Anything to celebrate our girl though!

This was my first time being in Mexico and wow – was it beautiful…we stayed at the gorgeous Velas Vallarta Resort through one of the girls’ timeshares and every day we were either poolside or on the beach. It was only four days, but trust – that it was probably a vacation that all us needed at the time.

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It was really easy to make friends. These guys were everywhere… sometimes a little bit too close for comfort.

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I can’t remember where this actually was, but I’ve got a soft spot for lights and the glow and this was taken somewhere… before we were out until 4:00 AM.

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The view from the place we called home for a few days!


Just our little bride-to-be with some of her games and things.

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I don’t think I’m ever going to forget my first Bachelorette Party experience and especially this memory with Gelesia. The best part about a Bachelorette Party isn’t about all the fun that you’re going to have and the weird inside jokes you make from it, but that it’s truly just a bonding moment between you and the bride and all of her friends. It was a cool feeling to meet the girls in her life that knew her throughout all the stages. I know high school G pretty well, but Los Angeles G? Not so much! There’s some feeling of fomo because I don’t know this part of her, but some comfort in knowing that she’s being taken care of and that all of us together make up her friendship spectrum.

Another big takeaway (and it’s a big one!) that I think applies to a lot of people – brides, bride-to-be’s, guests, bachelorette party invitees, whatever! Sometimes, you will be expected to do a lot for a bride whether it’s for her Bachelorette Party or for her wedding, etc. Sometimes you’ll do more than you have to or you’ll pay more than you intended. It’s best to just suck it up because at the end of the day – at the end of all this, your friend is getting married. This is one of the biggest moments of her life so your feelings have to be put aside. They’re just not important. Maybe you don’t agree with what I’m saying and that’s okay, but someday this could be you. You might be on the other side of it and your friends – the ones that you were there for – will be there for you. This was my first bachelorette party and by no means was Gelesia requesting a lot out of her girls, but my whole take was – this is my friend – someone important to me. If it makes her happy, I’m going to do it. No questions, no second thoughts, nothing and I actually whole-heartedly believe that that should be everyone’s standpoint.

Our next big post will HOBviously be her wedding!

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