27 Jun 2016

Wedding Mondays

We have a lot of love in our hearts after being in Seattle for the last week. While I was home, I learned that one of my best friends from college just got engaged! Naturally, you all know that that always makes me a little bit emotional and that getting to share a wedding video for the following Monday makes this so much better. The video we’re sharing today is right up our alley because it’s totally non-traditional and we love it. Lately, I’ve been reading about a lot of weddings through blogs that are tossing out those old-aged and stale traditions. I have such a greater sense of appreciation for couples that can do things that aren’t always by the books and are most true to themselves.

Unrelated, but sort of related – I watched an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress” while I was home and this bride-to-be with electric blue hair just had to have color in her wedding dress, but her very traditional mother wanted her in a white dress. When she tried on a white dress at the request of her mother, she broke down in tears because she just didn’t feel like herself and of course, the mom (seeing her daughter sobbing) still couldn’t see it. SO (this was the best part!) the salespeople at Kleinfeld stepped in and were all “Mom, we’re not going to see a crying bride on our floor so you need to just take a step back and let your daughter do what she wants to do.” Those aren’t the exact words, but I’m pretty close! So whether you have a rainbow-colored dress or you opt out of the cake cutting or don’t have a bridal party at all, you should just do what feels right for you and your partner.

Side note / Fun fact – while I was home, I caught up with Veronica who is also newly engaged and she had the chance to show me her amazing and stunning pearl earrings which her and her fiance had chosen instead of just your standard engagement ring. She said they got the idea after spending hours searching for engagement rings and not finding anything she liked that was in their budget. She said she stumbled across some earrings on Haruni (HTTPS://WWW.HARUNI.COM/ABOUT-US/) whilst looking for rings, and the idea popped into her head. I had actually never heard of anyone swapping out the engagement ring for another piece instead, but it was SO them to do it this way and it clearly held a lot of sentiment for the both of them. Of course, weddings are changing these days. People aren’t sticking to traditional trends, such as a diamond ring. A lot of people are looking into other rings, such as moissanite rings that are eco-friendly and conflict-free. They look just like diamond rings, yet they are so much better for the environment. People are starting to change weddings up to make sure they’re perfect for them.

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