Yow Yow! in Ojai and Tahoe!


Anyone that knows me knows that I have an issue with FOMO (fear of missing out – in case my parents are reading this) This spring, one of my dearest friend’s weddings fell on the same weekend as my company’s annual retreat and while I seriously considered choosing just one, I ended up throwing up my hands and being like – “well, why do I have to choose at all?!” Both were important to me and while I made it happen and didn’t have to miss out on any part of both events, there was a lot of overhead on my part and logistical planning. First off, Ojai and Tahoe in the spring have two completely different climates. I had to pack for four days with outfits that could not be used for both trips. After leaving the wedding early Sunday morning – we had to drive out of Ojai to LAX – I flew into Reno, Nevada and had to take a shuttle out of the airport to get dropped off at a nearby casino only to be picked up by another shuttle that brought me to our retreat spot. But we made it!

Erika and I haven’t kept in touch too much after graduating from high school, but she ended up being my buddy throughout this entire wedding. We stayed together in a quaint Airbnb in Ojai, explored the town together and road tripped all the way from LA. It’s always nice to have friends that can pick up where you last left off even if it has been years apart. Well, Erika hadn’t been to In N’ Out in quite some time so it was must to have as a snack pick-me-up before we had the welcome dinner that Friday.


Our Airbnb tried to entice us by letting us know they had an orange tree in their backyard that we could pick from so that Saturday morning, we picked our breakfast! …before we went out to real brunch of course.


Were too busy having fun to be taking a lot of photos at the wedding, but we did manage to take a snap of the table decor. The food was amazing. G did good.


Fun fact: A very long time ago back in high school, Erika used to model for some of my photos! We did two photo shoots together so it’s funny to revisit this for a 3rd time. We had brunch at Knead Baking Company and had matching egg breakfast sandwiches!


And then we headed straight to Tahoe and I was freezing.


But it WAS beautiful. We were so cold and I definitely was not prepared for how cold it might be in Tahoe so we were basically clinging to life with this scarf.



Luckily, I have good friends and co-workers and someone lent me an extra jacket! It also just happened to be super chic. Seeing these falls were the memorable part of my Tahoe trip. We could’ve sat here all day.




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