Chambray x White Denim


Chambray top – Aritzia / White denim – Gap

We’re not big on denim in general so the fact that we’re wearing white denim pants and a chambray shirt (sometimes mistaken for denim) is a big deal. I actually love this outfit because it’s completely out of the norm for what I would normally wear. We took this photo this past summer so it’s been awhile since I last saw it and I almost didn’t recognize myself. It’s California for sure, but would a transplant from the Pacific Northwest wear this kind of getup? I’m not so sure! It’s not featured prominently in these photos, but I’m also wearing a choker that is the same shade of my tank top underneath, which was a gift from my friend Nicole. The lace patterned tank below is also from Aritzia and was necessary to wear with this given how much the chambray is a deep-v! I’m grateful to work at a company that allows us to wear whatever we like, but I don’t want to ever run into any unfortunate circumstances so when possible, I lean towards the safe side.

A lot of what I wear comes from Aritzia. It’s no secret that they are my favorite store to shop at, but I must admit – not everything is an easy buy. I was very much on the fence about this top for a very long time and needed some convincing from some of my favorite salespeople at the shop in Santa Clara. I worried about how often I would wear it and what kinds of bottoms it would go with especially because it’s quite boxy in the middle. Happy to declare that we pretty much wore it all summer long. :)


look at how my nails are Barbie pink!


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