26 Dec 2016

Lauren Duca Stands Up to Bully Tucker Carlson

By now, I hope everyone has seen this clip. I watched this a few days ago and I felt like I was FUMING inside. I can’t imagine how frustrating this must have been for journalist Lauren Duca who was talked over by Tucker Carlson the entire time. Another part of this that bothered me is that when I tried to look up this clip so that we could write this post the headlines that kept popping up were “Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Moron Journalist Lauren Duca on Ivanka Trump” and “Lauren Duca Lies to Tucker Carlson.” No, that’s not what happened here and how manipulative of these sources to write the headlines that will sway people to think otherwise. Lauren was not destroyed by Tucker. She was bullied and I think every woman that watched this was proud of Lauren for standing up for all women in saying that our interests in pop culture and politics are not mutually exclusive.

This is something that resonates so strongly with me because I would never accept someone coming on to Yow Yow! and telling me that I’m not allowed to have a political view point just because I write about what celebrities are wearing on the red carpet or which wedding videos make me tear up. Just like men, women are allowed to have multiple interests. Shame on Tucker for telling Lauren that she should stick to writing about thigh high boots. It’s 2016. That’s the equivalent of telling us we belong in the kitchen and that is NOT okay. Fox News is the worst, but it’s important for everyone to view both sides of the spectrum here. Also, s/o to Teen Vogue – I’ve never been so proud of the magazine that I spent years reading tackling the hard issues and educating young girls on what’s going on in politics today!

Posted on December 26, in Life

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