Let’s Get Shmandied!


This will be the first of many posts highlighting some of our trips from this year! I couldn’t wait to celebrate Mandi’s Bachelorette Party with her this past spring in beautiful Palm Springs! It was my first time there and it did not disappoint. It was everything I could’ve wanted in a weekend – sun, pool, drinks, and girl time. The weekend had a nice blend of activities and a little bit of something for everyone, but more importantly, everyone there just wanted to make sure that Mandi had the best last weekend before she was completely off the market forever.


Just ignore my little bang mishap here in the photo. The Instax polaroid camera was the perfect accessory to capture all of our favorite moments from the weekend and one that I would recommend for any bachelorette party. It’s also just a great gift in general or a personal item for you to just have.


We stayed at the beautiful Desert Springs Marriott in Palm Desert – Villas. We were very fortunate to have two timeshares for our weekend stay – just like the bachelorette party I attended in Puerto Vallarta earlier this year as well. I had never stayed in a timeshare before this year, but had pleasant experiences with both of them!


Now everyone knows I’m not much of an outdoorsy person, but I can enjoy a good hike every now and then! Hiking is one of Mandi’s favorite past times so it was a no brainer when she included it in our agenda and she picked a very reasonable one that would suit all of the ladies in her bachelorette party group. I was really excited to be able to go to Joshua Tree and never thought I would have the chance to! Also, does this outfit make us look like a pro?! Of course it doesn’t. I’m wearing my Nike Flyknits, which got very dusty from this excursion along with Aritzia leggings and don’t be fooled – that’s not an athletic top – it’s a tank from Abercrombie & Fitch. Nailed it. Also that white cap is from Urban Outfitters. This is us – pre-hike, pre-sweat.


We made it to our hiking destination! It’s amazing!



A candid photo with the then-bride-to-be and now-already-a-newlywed!


Don’t these just look like fancy pineapples to you?! Cue pineapple emoji x3.


Hops…sort of.

Next up in 2017? 3 more bachelorette parties!

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