Written by Katie
07 Jan 2017

Seattle’s Summer


Whenever I return home, I never feel like I have enough time. In a perfect world, I would spend every summer in Seattle and then elsewhere for the other seasons! I spent a week this past June like I always do and we’re now sharing some of the photos from our trip. If some of these look familiar to you (because you’ve seen these shots before) it’s because I basically will do the same kind of thing on every trip. We know what we like, obviously! Now if only we could get back there more often…

^^ I will tolerate sushi in the Bay Area, but we all know that it doesn’t exactly compare to Seattle. And even though my go-to place looks like a club inside, the food is 100. This is at Wasabi on 2nd Ave!


I never get tired of walking through this pathway at the Seattle Center. It’s gorgeous and when no one is around, it’s even better because you get to appreciate how peaceful and quiet this space is. I also think I’m the only one that feels this way about this spot.


We can’t afford anything at TOTOKAELO, but that doesn’t mean we won’t stop by this boutique every time we’re in town!


Yes, to my future shoe display.


And this too even though it’s not exactly a good use of space.


I have no bad things to say about Taylor Shellfish’s happy hour. If you’re looking for oysters and don’t want to empty out your wallet for a handful, come during their happy hour. Jennie and I pregamed with oysters and a glass of wine before dinner and it was the perfect treat for us.


Ugh and then from there we went to dinner at Grappa. I think this is the best plate shot I’ve ever had. It’s very clear to almost everyone that I have a weakness for pasta and carbs so I went for the Pappardelle Bolognese and I don’t know if I’ve ever finished anything so quickly.


So Cal Anderson Park is the best, but I got a little bit too excited to be back and decided to roll around in this like a crazy person and then felt itchy the entire rest of the day. Also, this post is v. funny – look at that perfect Nike shot.


But look! Everyone was doing the same thing as me!



Jennie is never allowed to move out of her condo. This view is just too good.


I decided to window shop at Room & Board when I was at home too and found this living room set-up to be pretty intriguing. It’s so America and patriotic. I don’t know if I’d ever pull off such a bold statement, but I can think of one friend in my life that would!


The twinning siblings in Nike Flyknit.


We actually probably grab sushi 3 times at a minimum while we’re home. I tried somewhere new called Gokan with a couple of my girlfriends. Their happy hour is also crazy good and comes with a lot of food!


Rainbow road!


I also had a chance to check out the Bullitt Center for the very first time! This place is the world’s greenest commercial building in the world and it was pretty cool to see the various ways in which they stay sustainable. It’s also just an awesome space to be in. I didn’t recognize too many of the companies that have offices here, but they’re in a great location in the heart of Capitol Hill.

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