27 Feb 2017

Two Weeks of Healthy Habits

It would be easy for me to use my next two weeks of “funemployment” to not do anything. The time in between transitioning jobs is so precious. I elected for two full weeks because the time I spent interviewing for a new job was grueling. It was constant, came in multiples a day, and didn’t give me that rest that I needed to go back in to a new job feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Previously though, I’ve had friends of mine that have taken a month off or months to just travel. I think that’s great, but instead I’m using my next two weeks to prepare myself for a lifestyle change (that comes with the job) and to see what it could be like to be a full time blogger. My eating habits are going to change and so will my commute with my new job. We’re going to discuss all of this more in a later post, but for now I want to talk about day 1 – my day today and how we’re going to set a precedent for the next two weeks and beyond.

I’ve never been someone that could live without a routine. However, I will admit that for the last 3.5 years of living here, the lines around what I thought was my routine have been blurred and inconsistent. I was (and am today) unfit, not eating healthy, and often tired. At a recent doctor’s visit for my annual physical, I was basically told that the time for change needed to happen… now. So while the next two weeks of sleeping in and eating junk may sound awesome to most, we’re not going to take the route. I want to do better because I want to feel better, but I’ve never been someone that could be held accountable for the goals I set for myself if I didn’t write them down. Every day:

  • get at least 8 hours of sleep
  • make my bed
  • do 30 minutes of exercise at home
  • drink 4 bottles of water/day (currently I’m at 1 so I have some catching up to do)
  • take one Vitamin D and Vitamin C tablet/day
  • leave my house at least once a day
  • have a midday snack
  • no coffee for the next two weeks and if I need caffeine ONLY tea. Boba is okay. ^_^
  • wash my face every night and stick to nighttime routine

It’s not an exhaustive list, but it’s a bit to keep track of in a day! Have any of you been in this time of transition before and if so, what did you list look like? Am I missing anything important? Would love any extra tips!

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