Fifth Harmony, Who?

There was no question at all that Camila wasn’t going to come out strong upon leaving Fifth Harmony. If there was a question, it was going to be how quickly she could rise to the potential she always had as a solo artist. And now we know. I’ve been obsessed with “Love Incredible” since it came out and even though it was more Cashmere Cat’s song than hers, I still wondered why it wasn’t more of a chart topper. I didn’t care for the song she did with Pitbull or “Bad Things” or “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” but “Crying in the Club” is such a bop. It makes the Selena Gomez track that was released one day before look like child’s play. What’s great about the music video for “Crying in the Club” is that it also previews “I Have Questions” – a new song that she’ll be performing for the first time at the Billboard Music Awards. I feel for Fifth Harmony, I really do, but this was inevitable. Camila was just born to be a star in her own right and now she gets to do that.

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