Yow Yow! at the SFMOMA

Top – Abercrombie & Fitch / Duster – Azalea / Jeggings – Uniqlo / Boots – J. Crew

The time in between when I left my last job and when I started my current job was the most calming and peaceful experience I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to share more about that later on with you. I had been wanting to check out the newly opened SFMOMA for quite some time, but never could find the opportunity to until I realized that I no longer had to work away all my weekends. Wenwen was a member of the museum so she took Leah and I one afternoon and it was so much fun! Growing up, I always loved going to museums. They were my favorite kind of field trips and because my father is an artist, I naturally grew up with art around me.



If you haven’t checked out the MOMA yet, I highly recommend. It can be one of those things that is considered too touristy or too hyped up, but if you actually enjoy staring at art all day and roaming around museums, then why not take a visit?

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3 thoughts on “Yow Yow! at the SFMOMA

  1. The art there is Lovley and nice outfit ❤️

  2. avainlife says:

    Thanks for giving me the idea to take a trip there. Haven’t been for almost a year.

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