03 Oct 2017

Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

Doesn’t it feel like every day the internet is sharing one of Jimmy Kimmel’s monologues? I’m tired of hearing these. He’s tired of having to film these. I could say that the past few weeks have been a nightmare, but honestly – hasn’t it been most of this year? We are already 10 months into 2017. We will have made it almost a year with Trump in office. Let that sink in for a bit.

I’ve been watching Jimmy’s monologues consistently for the past few weeks, but it’s hard not to tear up while watching this one. They are all worth sharing. He’s my favorite late night show host right now because of these and I think we’ve all just about had it. At one point do we finally say that this is the last straw because every day – every week, it gets worse.

I was in bed on Sunday night when I started hearing about the reports of the shooting. I watched the video like everyone else and I felt myself feeling sick. After the Ariana Grande incident earlier this year, this was already too much. I went to my first concert when I was seven years old and after that music festivals and a number of concerts that I’ve lost count of spanning the rest of my life. No one ever really believed that they would have to worry being in a place that they could enjoy so much, but it’s true what everyone has said. We’re no longer safe anywhere. I don’t have prayers because they’re not enough. I don’t have the words to express the sadness and anger that all of the victims’ families may be feeling right now. It didn’t feel right posting anything yesterday, but I did. I did because I didn’t know if I was ready to string my words along together to compose something like this. It still doesn’t feel right to me in this moment.

I expressed to my friends that I hadn’t had an easy day at work yesterday. I cried; I was emotional over something little and found solace in the fact that they felt the same way. That we were all feeling the same way because of what had happened. I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I’m trying to condense this as much as possible. This isn’t new. We need gun control and now. The second thing that upsets me is calling the shooter “a lone wolf.” Don’t think for a second that anyone will have sympathy for this man because of that labeling. I don’t feel sorry for individuals that commit acts like that and I definitely don’t care to read an article about what he enjoys – gambling and country music. Journalists can do better than humanizing people like this. Paint them for who they are. Leave their interests out of it.

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