29 Oct 2017

Southwest Airlines Will Host In-Flight Concerts

I love a good spontaneous show. I will never oppose a concert in a non-traditional setting, but one place it definitely does not belong is on my future Southwest flight. It’s funny because I have claimed multiple times that I like flying. I like airports. I like talking to people on planes, which I know some people despise. However, in the last few years, I’ve had to travel significantly more for work and its these times that I have started to appreciate my solitude.

In a recent announcement, the company shared that they were enhancing their in-flight experience by allowing an in-flight concert series as part of a partnership with Warner Music Nashville.

“With this partnership with Warner Music Nashville, we are excited to continue to offer new music experiences to our customers, and provide WMN artists and fans our friendly and reliable customer service—complete with our promise that bags (and guitars) fly free,” Linda Rutherford, Southwest’s vice president & chief communications officer, told the International Business Times.

It looks like the program actually launched as an experiment back in 2011, but this is the first I’m ever hearing about it. To add more to this mystery, Southwest Airlines won’t be sharing ahead of time which flights will become more musical so get ready to really love this or really hate it. Personally, this is going to be a great ‘gram or a “story” for a minute, and then I’ll likely be over it. Here’s hoping they prove us all wrong!