26 Nov 2017

My Favorite Mission Backdrops


Turtleneck + Skort – Aritzia / Sneakers – Nike

It has been almost a full month since we moved offices and as glad as I am that we are in a new spot, I still often times find myself missing some of my favorite backdrops in the Mission. On this particular day, I happened to be wearing one of my classic outfits including my favorite pieces and I must have had some free time this day because we hit up three different spots nearby – all places I’ve photographed at a handful of times. This pink wall (above) is so understated. There should be more people in front of this thing because it’s so good especially during golden hour. It’s not as pink as the wall in LA, but it’s good enough for San Francisco.

Spot #2 takes us right in front of the Tartine/Heath! This is probably the more populated spot for this area, but still relatively quiet. If you haven’t been inside Tartine Manufactory, then you should definitely make a stop in. Back when our office was right next door, I often took meetings in here sometimes because I had no place to go, but also sometimes because I wanted to. This space is so pretty and great for a breakfast before work. If you need a last minute gift, Heath is your spot. I’m always in here picking up last minute greeting cards or from the flower shop pop-up. If you’re baller, you can also snag something from Heath.

While we were shooting in front of the pink wall, these two people came up and asked me if I wanted a picture with THEM. I don’t usually do group photos especially with strangers and I’m not sure why they thought I wanted to be included with them, but I said yes anyways. Clearly, I’m a little uncomfortable…

And here, we look like we’re best friends or something.

Our last stop is in front of where all the MUNIs live! No one will ever really understand my fascination with this place, but I’m obsessed with it. There’s something about it that I can’t quite put my finger on, but this was my absolute favorite spot to take photos at. Maybe there’s a part of it that feels risky since they would never let me go that deep into it because of all the buses or maybe it’s just cause it’s a very unconventional spot and not obviously pretty.

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