17 Dec 2017

Five Favorite Holiday Treats

I’m not sure when Kevin and I started this tradition, but for the last few years we have somehow managed to acquire a ton of treats whenever we go home for the holidays. Kevin always likes to send a package that includes a variety of cookies and snacks all in different boxes, which is fun to open up. And this year, I decided to get into the mix by asking him to purchase a tin of popcorn for me with three different flavors (my favorite!) I might actually be the ONLY person that likes this though. Holidays are always for eating and I have no shame about my winter body during this time so let’s just get into this and discuss my five favorite dessert treats during these months!

1. It’s a weird holiday treat to be my number one choice, but it’s just how I feel! I love the idea of digging my hands into different flavors of popcorn and loving every single kind. White cheddar and cheesy corn for the win! I know some people really like the popcorn with chocolate drizzled all over it and the ones that lean on the sweeter side, but I was never a fan of those.

2. Yes, Kevin and I were the most basic kids and even though we knew how to make cookies, we loved the Pillsbury ones. These were the easiest cookies to make mostly because the dough was already pre-made and all you had to do was cut them on the marks and pop them into the oven. I won’t eat regular sugar cookies, but I will eat these.

3. Fudge! Every year my neighbors and family exchange dessert treats as presents and they always gift us with fudge often times with almonds or walnuts. Though I’ve never made it, it seems relatively easy, but I never want to try because I just don’t think it will be able to compare to what I receive every year which is just buttery, chocolately, goodness.

4. Hot chocolate with all the fixings! This is such an easy treat to make and perfect for any cold night outside of the holidays. My parents would always surprise me with this when I was younger and it made me feel included to also have my own beverage when they had their hot tea or coffee in the evenings. I love plain hot chocolate on its own, but often times enjoy using regular or flavored marshmallows, whipped cream, and sprinkles when I have it.

5. For me, this is sort of like the definition of a holiday treat because it just feels weird having at any other time that isn’t during the month of December. It’s the perfect blend of something chocolatey, but also minty and refreshing. Because of that, you don’t feel bad for eating it.

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  1. mouth watering photos. a good one.

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