25 Dec 2017

Disneyland Bachelorette

Earlier this summer, we celebrated our favorite girl – Jennie – getting married! However, before we watched her walk down the aisle, we threw her her last single girl’s party at Disneyland! Wow – I hadn’t been there in years, but it really still is as magical as everyone says it is. It’s kind of of those places too where you don’t realize how into it you’re going to be until you actually get there. Even being at Downtown Disney the night before and getting excited for the next day alone prompted me to buy these Minnie Mouse ears and even though they cost $$$ I know I’ll have them forever and that I bought them for Little J.

Our entire day at the park lasted from the time that it opened and stretched until it closed. We may have had a drinking/bachelorette party game break in between, but you could pretty much say that we were all Disney all the time. I’m glad that I was in a group with such pros because with them, waiting in line was minimal and they had all of the tips and tricks up their sleeve. I don’t ever want to have a Disney experience that doesn’t involve them because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t survive on my own.

And what would a trip be without some true learning moments? How do parents do it? I barely survived the day as a mid 20’s person, but I can’t imagine what I put my parents through between feeling motion sickness, being hungry, and tired amongst all the complaints I probably had as a kid. And all they wanted to do was to show me the best experience of my life! Thank you parents for all that you do. I’m terrified to take my future kids to Disneyland before they’re like 8.

I love bachelorette parties, but more importantly, I just love my girlfriends. I can barely remember a time this year where I laughed as much as I did on this trip.

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