Written by Katie
05 Jan 2018

Resolution Talk

You guys, we made it to the end of the week!

It was a short week because I only had to work three days, but it honestly felt a little bit like a marathon. The start of the year isn’t always a smooth transition for me. It’s almost like there’s some sort of pressure to figure how you want your entire year to look before you even know what’s going to happen. It’s stressful! Aside from the slow start to getting back into my work grind though, I will say that the anxiety of making resolutions this year never came. I’m not sure how that happened. Maybe it was because I had a hunch of what a couple of my resolutions would be before New Year’s hit. I’m actually convinced though that it’s because it’s a conversation that happens more in my late 20’s than ever before.

In the last week, I’ve had a handful of friends and co-workers discuss with me their resolutions. Hearing their ideas has helped me become even more thoughtful with mine. The night of New Year’s Eve though, my friends had made dinner before our celebration and we all went around the table and shared our favorite highlight from the last year and a resolution that we had for ourselves in 2018.

I’m not finished with my list quite yet, but I will tell you that I will try harder this year than the last to keep them. Every year, I tell myself there are things that I want to do better. I want to be better and make myself better, but if there’s something that I learned in 2017, it’s that I’m already fine the way that I am. I know some won’t agree with me, but 2017 was good to me. It was challenging; it pushed me and it wasn’t always easy, but it had a lot of rewards. I was the happiest I’ve ever been just being on my own. And if there’s something that I want to continue in 2018, it’s that I practice caring for myself and self-love because you can never have too much of that.

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