16 Jul 2018

The Time in Between

One thing I always ask my candidates when I’m extending an offer is when they want their start date to be. Some of them will want to start sooner rather than later, but most will ask for some time off – two weeks at least. Some news on my end… I was just recently a candidate! And the time off I’m getting? Nearly a month. I can’t remember the last time I had this amount of time to myself, probably never. The last time I had a month in between jobs, I was moving cities and that in itself had a lot of tasks tied to it that made it less relaxing than I had hoped. This time, I get to spend it being here. For weeks, I’ve been asking friends and family to share with me all of the tips and advice they had on how to spend my time and it seemed to align with what I had intended for myself!

For a brief moment, I wondered if I would get bored. Then I remembered that I never get bored. In my time off, I’m celebrating a couple of weddings and taking a trip that I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time. I’m very grateful to have friends that can take a vacation with me on such short notice! We’re headed to Las Vegas, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon. Normally, I probably would have tried to find time to squeeze Seattle in, but as I have been visiting more frequently, I thought I would use this time to travel somewhere new. I’m going to get some adult errands out of the way – all the things I couldn’t do or made myself too busy for while I was working. Lastly, I’m going to spend a lot of time creating new content. Yow Yow! has never had my undivided attention and for the first time ever, I get to focus entirely on it. However, I don’t want this time to be used only for work because yes, even writing for Yow Yow! is something I consider work. I want to explore the San Francisco neighborhoods I haven’t been to and get out of the city. I’m going to catch up on the articles I’ve been meaning to read and find the time to listen in on more podcasts so that I’m continuing to learn as well.

If you’ve ever had this kind of luxury with time before, I’d love to hear how you spent it!

Posted on July 16, in Life

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