18 Jul 2018

Find Your Next Conference with conferCal

At my previous workplace, we had a benefit that allowed us to use $1,000 a year towards learning and development. Colleagues of mine put their budget towards books, online courses, classes at other nearby universities, and conferences. In my career, I have loved attending different events on recruiting or panels on culture. Conferences with speakers talking on all facets involved with HR, recruiting, and people energized me. It felt like I was using my time wisely and getting a lot out of it. The challenging part for me though was finding these conferences. Unless it was through word of mouth or passed onto me through social media, I didn’t have a clue what was happening and when. conferCal is a tool that allows you to look up conferences based off your interests – work related or not. While digging into the tool a little bit more today, I even found an upcoming conference just on food blogging. Additionally, you can use this tool beyond just finding a conference to attend. You can find those that you can both sponsor at or speak at. Here’s hoping that some of you will find something you like on here!

Posted on July 18, in Design

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