Written by Katie
08 Aug 2018

A New Work View

When I was a student, I loved the idea of working out of a coffee shop or a cafe. However, I was never actually good at it. Naturally, I wasn’t productive. I would get distracted people watching or inviting friends over for a chat wherever I was. Veronica, on the other hand, was great at it. She even met her real life husband through this!

I decided to give this a second chance a couple of weeks ago. I had a lot of open time on my hands and because I wasn’t “working” the only work I had was writing for Yow Yow! Normally when I’m writing posts, it’s from my couch at home (like right now!) There are many positives on taking this route: I can wear whatever I want, I’m comfortable, and it’s free. Did you know that coffee shops and cafes not having WiFi in San Francisco was a thing? My top two options were thrown out because of no WiFi! My motivation for choosing a new setting though was because I wanted a new view. I wondered how I might feel writing in a different place. Would it remove some creative blockers that I had? Could I be inspired by something I saw happen at that moment?

The result? I had the most delicious cinnamon raisin bagel smothered in butter for less than $5. My spot was seated at the window facing the street and staring directly at the new Loving Cup on Divis. Not having a protected screen meant someone watching me write a post about my outfit could have seemed awkward. I didn’t meet anyone, but the alternative is that maybe I didn’t seem approachable.

Working out of a coffee shop or a cafe is one of those ideas that I want to love, but in this day and age, it doesn’t seem like the most feasible. It puts me outside of my comfort zone sure, but it didn’t make me more productive, and it wasn’t free. If I’m this close to home, I don’t think it’s an option I’ll choose again, but if I’m traveling for work and want to get out of my hotel room, I could see myself giving this another shot.

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