29 Sep 2018

Believe Us

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this was one of the most frustrating weeks I’ve had in a long time. There’s not many people that would say they liked Brett Kavanaugh to begin with, but after this week, it’s difficult to find just one reason why you could. I wish I could be on the sidelines of this and say that I didn’t let this consume me, but it did. I found myself being distracted at work, catching up with what was going on in court in real time through Twitter and hearing Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s opening testimony. That last one was from my ride share on my way to work and I wasn’t okay the rest of the day.

The #metoo movement is overwhelming to this day still. For anyone that has gone through sexual assault, it can be overly triggering. It reminds us over and over again of our own stories or the stories of those close to us. I want to remind everyone that it’s absolutely okay to have an opinion about this; to speak out and share your thoughts if you’re personally affected. However, those that stay silent and have gone through it – know that it’s okay to sit these moments out because it’s hard. There are enough people speaking out on behalf of you.

No one believes that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford is lying. No one. If these individuals choose to vote him in, it’s because they don’t care. Her details of that incident are so specific and clear. Because you never forget. She had nothing to gain by showing up and sharing her story and hearing our leaders commend her for her bravery is still emotional for me. I hope that the right thing is being done from this.


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