20 Oct 2018

Five Favorite Pins: How To Celebrate Halloween in a Low Key Way

We’re more than halfway through the month so it seems like now is an appropriate time for me to think about Halloween and how we’re going to celebrate. It’s not in my top five favorite holidays to engage in; it might not even be in my top 10 (are there 10?) but it’s a social holiday so you have to participate a little bit right? I’ve rounded up just a few ideas that I’ve either started to do or am considering and it’s so low key that no one will even blame you if you don’t participate at all.

  • My OnDemand currently is full of Halloween themed films. I wouldn’t watch them normally at any other time during the year, but given that it’s the season, it’s an opportunity to freshen up with my favorites. I will throw one on and just have it in the background or I’ll full on participate and watch the entire thing without being on my laptop. Rare. This week so far, I’ve watched Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown and who knows? Maybe I’ll watch a few more.

  • Since I’m two months into my new job, I’ve been debating whether or not it makes sense to dress up for Halloween in the office. Is this something people do? Will my friends even do it? One solution is this: find a costume that is so low maintenance that if you get to work and no one is dressed up you can remove pieces immediately to make it seem like you dressed up for a normal work day. My idea is Hamburgler, obviously. Steal it if you want!

  • As I’ve lived in San Francisco longer, I’ve realized that it’s not always the easiest place to celebrate the holiday given the environment. I’m not in a neighborhood to have trick-or-treaters or even be able to get to them immediately with candy. It also does not make sense to have a pumpkin outside my door. I do like my decorations though. Instead of my usual flowers, I’ve been considering purchasing smaller pumpkins that I can paint and decorate and leave indoors to spruce up my living room.

  • Allow yourself to have a cheat month. When else do you have an excuse to eat this much candy?! If every kid is going to do it, shouldn’t you also? I always thought that around Halloween, I’d have a small bucket of candies near my desk that I can have a piece every now and then. It’s also just a great way to win over your coworkers. Lucky for me, my offices have always had these lying around! They’re a hit.

  • Get yourself out of the city and head to a pumpkin patch. I missed this field trip when I was in Kindergarten because I was sick and regretted it ever since. It felt like a prime part of my childhood was lost because of this! I didn’t get to go to another until I was in my early 20’s after college and it was a completely different experience. Even if you have no intention of buying a pumpkin, it’s the epitome of fall. It’s the fall version of a spring field of flowers.
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