20 Oct 2018

Issa Milestone (Almost!)

Happy Saturday y’all! After having an active morning of brunch and spending some time outside at the Ferry Building this morning, I returned home to catch up on news and write. I haven’t had this solid chunk of time in awhile. Since having Yow Yow! I always wished that I could have more of a balance with writing and work. In my head 50/50 seemed inappropriate. In college, it likely was 75/25 – 75 being this blog. Since starting my new job, I’ve become immersed in it and in a way, it has been giving me a new kind of energy that I haven’t had before in my previous roles.

At the end of my work days, I have the time to write, but it’s easier to just work instead. That transition for me is easier. And I often feel like I just don’t have the mental capacity or energy to be as creative as I need to be. The way I started out this post doesn’t sound happy, but I promise we’re getting there!

As I reserve myself some time today to write, I think about what’s ahead for us. In just a couple of months, we’ll be celebrating 10 years of Yow Yow! Did anyone ever think that I’d be keeping this alive for this long?! Definitely not me! However, when you’ve had something as a routine for so many years, it’s hard to quit. Not to be confused with an addiction though. It hasn’t been an easy year. I migrated to WordPress.org. I hired someone to help me do that and that had its own set of challenges. We also weren’t recording my stats for some time. Every problem I didn’t need on my plate happened, but we made it!

We’re not quite at 10 years yet and while I’m thinking about how we should celebrate, I want to just add a quick thank you! The first readers of Yow Yow were my peers in college and they spread this blog by word of mouth like fire. It was so fun and as cringeworthy as those posts were, I love having 10 years of archives to look through. They are filled with not only personal moments, but pivotal moments in history, culture, and trends across music, fashion, and food. I wish I could say I had a grand plan for Yow Yow! but for now, surviving and staying afloat feels just as good.

Posted on October 20, in Life

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