10 Nov 2018

The Police Officers Who Respond To Racist “Suspicious Activity” 911 Calls

It’s hard not to watch this and become frustrated. Why are there still such awful human beings in 2018? Kevin and I sometimes talk about how we were able to be shielded away from most racism because we grew up in a city like Seattle, but we often wonder what our lives would have been like if our parents had chosen another city. Maybe, the wrong city. We’re grateful we don’t know anything different and that we’re happy to have better memories of our upbringing because of this.

If I’m being honest, in 2018 I constantly fear the moment when someone decides to say something racist to me and how I’m going to defend myself. The hope is that I’m able to think quick on my feet, but the reality is that I will probably run away out of fear or embarrassment. My other fear is that someone will direct something at my parents. I don’t want to have to worry about these things, but in 2018 we still do.

Posted on November 10, in Life

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